Programs that will make your life easier #10

Once again we are ready to tell you about novelties in the field of mobile applications, and advise what interesting mobile assistants should have every man. In today’s selection you will find not only tips on fitness, health and economy, but also the original program, ready to become real lifehacks for the modern and versatile you. All of them are free, so all you need to be interested in, find and download.

1. CardParking

We are confident that you a man of business and a rational approach not only to the question of their purchases, but the organization of space in his wallet. With the new app CardParking store an infinite number of discount cards — will sink into Oblivion, because now all the registered cards you can download to your smartphone. In order to start using this progressive program, you need to download it to your device from the AppStore, Google Play or Windows Market, and add any discount cards that you have already purchased. The next time you purchase, you can simply open the app, scan the QR code at the checkout and get your discount.

CardParking will not only convenient to store the accumulated discount, but get new bonuses will always stay up to date with the newest promotions and even get a VIP account in order to access maps of different shops, as well as to the statistics of purchases. Discount cards can be easily removed if you no longer need.

One of the main features CardParking have the opportunity to get card with exclusive discounts from national chains right in the app, which is very convenient and important for users. In other words, CardParking is a great purchase for convenient shopping, which has more than two hundred thousand people.


2. Trener Master

Fans of fitness is dedicated to this original application for the most effective workouts. Trener Master is not just a fitness Advisor, and a true startup in the field of mobile applications dedicated to fitness, unique in the IT market at present. This base of professionals, many of whom are CCM, MS and MSIC, ready to consult you online, during, and after your class.

If you are not confident in self-prepared exercise program, or simply want to get advice from an experienced coach — just download this free application on your smartphone and pick your individual coach, according to their expectations and financial possibilities. The selected coach will be able to answer your questions at any time, will select for you the individual program of training and nutrition, and will remain in touch for further solutions. For example, if you already want to lose weight, gain muscle mass or to get seductive terrain, Trener Master is a must-have in your gadget.

The app is available on iOS and ANDROID, you can use it both at home and in the gym. More than forty thousand people have already downloaded this new product, which, by the way within 4 weeks kept in the top of Russian AppStore in the «Games and apps», along with such monsters of the IT industry as: Telegram, SnapChat, Matcht and Yandex.Card. Reviews of satisfied users you will be able to evaluate myself right now.


3. Running and walking

If you prefer the classic version of self-improvement and used to control their workout, we certainly applaud you, but let me make your life a little easier. Running and walking is a new app, designed with maximum accuracy to calculate the parameters of your training: speed, distance, time and calories burned. Do Jogging, Hiking or ride a bike, the app «Run and walk» will follow the intensity of your stress, and will help to track the route on a real map of the area. Using a special color indicators you can analyze how your speed changes at different landscapes. The program requires no subscriptions and special accounts, all you need is to download it in the AppStore and start training. Due to the peculiarities of this programme you will be able not only to monitor their current training, but also to preserve the data for future statistics. The only thing you should pay attention, using this program is that its constant work in the background can dramatically decrease the charge of your battery. The rest — a great choice for a healthy lifestyle.


4. Drinks and Cocktails

The following program is definitely worth installing, if you haven’t already. Ingenuity in making cocktails is an incredibly good trait of any cool husband. Drinks and Cocktails is a free app that you can use when your natural instincts to mix alcohol brings in the most crucial moment. A variety of recipes, step by step instructions, all to save your party in a matter of minutes. Besides recipes, you can learn something interesting about each of the cocktails and to show off not only with his sleight of hand. The program is available to users AppStore.


5. SAS Survival Guide — Lite

This app is not so new as those that we proposed previously, but certainly very useful, especially for those who love the thrill and extreme sports. SAS Survival Guide — Lite is a free version of guide to survival in wild and dangerous conditions, contains many interesting books and tips, which you will need during the journey. Equipment needed in harsh environments, is described in this wonderful program — not just theoretical knowledge, and personal experience of a soldier and instructor for survival — John lofty. SAS Survival Guide — Lite will help you not only develop the necessary skills, but also learn a lot about first aid and adventure travel in General. You can download the app in AppStore and Google play.


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