Professor at the University looked at pornography and forgot to turn off the projector

Professor pornografiya1099650084

Continue delicate subject of teachers and University professors.

YEAH, dude, sometimes there are really awkward moments. Very uncomfortable.

This visiting Professor at Wageningen University in the Netherlands has been caught caught by a very interesting exercise. One, completely empty to the audience, a man sat and watched the contents of the site PornHub. As it turned out? The fact is that, caught up in this dirty business, the Professor totally forgot to disconnect the projector from his laptop. As a result, looked into the audience, students were able to see and photograph is what the venerable old man.

However, this story has a good ending, despite the fact that the man was expelled from University ball. PornHub dude invited free access to all sections of the site. Heh-Hey! Now bro you really have something to occupy yourself, man! More time to watching your favorite commercials, because where he gonna get with such glory?

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