Professions that you can learn without «the tower» already raised the topic of why young professionals after graduation is not going to work. The reasons are different, some are disappointed in the chosen business, other remuneration, in the third have plans for your business.

But if this happened to you, and after uni you decided that your position is in any case deprived of such a valuable frame as you read about professions that you can master on their own, without special education.

But I want to add a few PS to enter. With this approach, which is based on the desire for self-development, perseverance and a clearly set goal, you will be able to learn practically any business. Why limit yourself to something is a waste of time.

1. Mechanic

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2014_7bgUEKu3XZPT5It is not necessary to get special education in high school or College to become an auto mechanic. In addition tunately to work, you need good health and personal qualities which it is desirable to have everyone in the profession: patience, stamina, communication skills. But your main key to success is a good teacher. Even if you are crazy about cars since youth, you know what, and how, at first, you will need to get an apprentice to an experienced colleague to demonstrate what the cause of failure, how to eliminate and why in the carburetor condensate.

Profession is very popular. Look at the road, look at the fools. Machines will always require repair, inspection, and auto mechanics.

A professional mechanic earns decent, and quality specialist work raises the image of the organization and draws in new customers. But more often, auto mechanics open their «garages» repair and start to run your business.

2. Cook

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2014_txfh3OWdJorMhDon’t know a single person who would not be delighted with the delicious food. We all, who more who less, the slaves of the stomach.

If you have a talent for the culinary arts, think for a moment about what the most famous chefs of world renown — men, and if you have decided to share their culinary talents with others and earn good money, your path lies through the thorny path of cooking.

To learn how to cook independently, especially that culinary sites on the Internet, probably not less pomoshnik. If you plan to open your restaurant, you do not need special education. But if you get a job as a cook, it is likely that at least courses it will be necessary to complete, continue to improve their skills.

Chef, senior chef, sous chef, chef and restaurant owner is a career ladder of your dreams. But in addition to ambitions, you have to possess aesthetic taste, imagination, accuracy, responsibility.

3. Designer

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2014_S05nd67P9bjXqNow, designers are punched on a par with lawyers. In large quantities. That says nothing about quality.

The demand for good specialists will always be there. Moreover, you can start trying your hand at many different aspects of this profession: interior, clothing, landscape, printing, style — scope for creative self-realization are truly endless.

To learn the profession you will help the specialized literature and a love for design work. The main thing is to have an artistic imagination, talent, spatial-figurative thinking, creativity and a fresh look at familiar things.

Also be prepared to communicate with clients and mere mortals, in search of inspiration and creative ideas, so if you are sociable, erudite, diligent and patient, then this is a definite plus to your work karma.

4. Programmer

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2014_pdi0ewu1D7QiIZuckerberg, gates, Linus — those sharks of modern technologies share a love and talent for programming.

This profession is very in demand in today’s labor market, which is not surprising, because we live in the age of computer technology and the Internet.

You should know English at least at a basic level, are well versed in the workings of machines, to know how it works, and own technique of fast typing on the keyboard blindly, analytical mind, good memory, ability to conduct complex mathematical calculations.

Now there are plenty of guides and books that can help learn to work in this field. So if you found your calling, but came too late to close the University for the profession of a soil scientist, for you nothing is impossible.

5. Hairdresser-Barber

Pora was.kom.ua_9.09.2014_xPFd8YHv9TpiDLook how many people walk around with ugly hair and unkempt beards, you’ve decided that enough is enough, it’s time to take matters into their own hands.

All you need is good tools, some volunteers with special literature and view clips from the master classes on grooming and shaving. Knowledge of fashion trends, a good eye, a steady hand and a kindness, spatial and creative thinking, good taste is your main assistant in this working field.

And when you get the hang of it, using a couple of mutilated heads and beards, you’ll find your permanent clientele and will be able to get a patent and start my own salon.

6. Writer are lots of training tips and books to obtain the necessary skills (surfing the Internet to help you). But first and foremost you must have talent, a special mindset, to be well-read, and intellectually well-rounded person.

The ability to write well is natural gift and hard training. Here’s 10 tips from David Ogilvy, the famous copywriter, whose tips are perfect for every member of the writing fraternity.

  • Read a book about how to write authored a novel, Rafelson (Kenneth Roman (Kenneth Roman) and Joel Raphaelson (Joel Raphaelson). Read it three times.
  • Write as you speak. Of course.
  • Use short words, short sentences and short paragraphs.
  • Never use pretentious words like «reconceptualization» or «decentralization».
  • Never write more than two pages on the same topic.
  • Check the quotes.
  • Never send letters or notes on the day of writing. Reread aloud the next morning and edit.
  • If it’s something important, ask for help from colleagues in the work on the text.
  • Before you send a letter or note, make sure that the recipient will be clear about what you want.
  • If we want to achieve actions — do not write. In this case it is necessary to go to a person and say what you want from him, at the meeting.

7. Photographer

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2014_okAGR7Kb2TMC3Now, every happy owner of govezensky consider himself a photographer. Even plant their burning could not stand the load and broke. But if you dream of world fame of the great artist from the pictures, and Laura Helmut Newton haunt, apart from constant practice and cooperation with a Pro, you will need to shovel a lot of good books. As a bonus, we offer a few of them.

Michael Freeman, «the eyes of the photographer. How to learn to understand the art of photography, to understand and appreciate good photography.»

Michael Freeman, «the Tao of digital photography. The art of creating a good photograph».

Michael Freeman,»the Art of digital photography».

John Hajko, «the New manual of photography».

Tracey Clark, «Emotional photography».

Pavel Kosenko, «a Living figure. The book is about color, or How to breathe for a digital photo».

Scott Kelby, «Digital photography. Volume 1-4».

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