Professions that allow you to travel the world

You just graduated from University and I dream to travel all over the world, to trample on the young feet of unexplored land, enjoy exotic food and amazing sights. In the meantime, reality stares at you with a malicious smile, hiding in the dark corners of your mind and whispers, «Psst, kid, and who will work? On the dream you need to earn…»

And we say that the people themselves make life difficult. If you have from childhood lives a great adventurer, then separate one from the other necessarily. You can try to get a job that will provide you a chance to travel the world, allowing you to earn the money.

This principle applies not only to yesterday’s graduates. We will never tire to write about, it’s never too late to change your life: reset gray outfit office plankton and try, to knock on the door, to climb in the window, phone calls, trying to realize his dream in life.

1. Tourism

manygoodtips.com_15.09.2014_tGI1dwikdiejvOne of the most exciting and obvious of career development options if you attract a far country, to start a career in the field of tourism.

You can learn the profession of a tour guide. The work of the Russian-speaking guide in different overseas countries are very popular, because our tourists are everywhere, and most of them come to reclaim, and not only to organize ostentatious fencing on the balalaika. You can try to get to museums, parks, become a tour guide bus tours — the options are many. It would wish.

Fellow, national offices on tourism

Today, almost every state or country has its own national representative office or regional terapisi around the world, and it requires staff. These organizations engaged in the promotion, PR and promotion of their country among local tour operators and journalists, organises workshops and conferences, was escorted into the visits. To work you need excellent knowledge of the language of the country you’re going to advertise, it is also desirable to understand its geography and to have some idea about marketing.

Specialist of the Department for product testing firms

Every solid company has a special Department where they carefully monitor the quality of the product. Employees traveling the world for all sold by this company destinations, countries and cities, live in the best and not so good hotels, and then report on whether the stated service level. To travel a lot without stopping in each place for a long time, so it is not surprising that no matter how attractive was this profession at first, you need good health and nerves, because such a regime few people on the shoulder.

Event Manager

The representatives of this profession are constantly working for a large Corporation or work in agencies that enter into a single contract. These people help to plan and competently carry out various corporate events. They know how to organize a team building or reward employees, what entertainment to choose, how to get discounts in hotels, to buy cheaper tickets and save the company money. And, of course, they have to travel with the organization on «the scene» and to control that everything goes as it should.

2. International humanitarian worker

manygoodtips.com_15.09.2014_kq6Q0Dqr6BYcTEmployees of international humanitarian organizations among those who put their lives at great risk in order to help others. These people are in the city, destroyed natural consequences, hunger or hostilities. Depending on the area of specialty, humanitarian workers can be teachers, doctors, engineers, agronomists, etc. This profession will not only help you to see the world, but also to make it a little better and kinder.

3. Archaeologist you are a child in love with books that told of brave archaeologists, dangerous excavations and research, then you direct road to the profession honorary digger. How to assure themselves archaeologists, you should find at least a few shards of crockery, preserved, say, from the middle ages – the desire to touch the history will never leave your side. In order to work in this specialty must have higher academic education.

It will also provide for the management of the archaeological excavations, archaeological supervision.

But in addition to the «towers» you have to have good health, endurance, to be well prepared physically, because the work associated with archaeological expeditions in a range of climates. The person who chose this profession should not be allergic reactions, especially in organic materials. The work of the archaeologist can be both individual and team, so very important emotional fitness, balance, peace of mind.

4. Teacher of English/German/Russian languages. Translator

manygoodtips.com_15.09.2014_PAsy0otTO63D0The English language has received the status international. But in English-speaking countries there are people who want to learn spoken English from native speakers. Or are native speakers of English to learn Russian. Provided that you have the skills, knowledge and education, your work will always be in demand and well paid.

5. Animator. A musical artist. Photographer. DJ

manygoodtips.com_15.09.2014_lwHl3GroQWBIhCruise ships and prestigious resorts in the high season – activity place for many entertainers, dancers, singers, photographers. It does not need a «tower», just a music or dance school, excellent skills «to spin». Sociability, charm, sense of humor, ability to hold the audience and improvise — your main trump card.

6. Media sphere


Specialist in public relations

PR-specialists in the field of tourism, tend to have a lot of orders from companies that are associated with the industry. You have to quite often travel to the places that want to promote to your customers. A partners ‘ meeting, accompanied by a group of journalists on familiarization trips, ongoing reporting to superiors will be your duties.

Be prepared for the fact that you discharged the cheapest ticket and settle in with a budget room (sometimes it will have to share with a translator or a chauffeur). But it all becomes unimportant when you look out the window, admiring the leaning tower or the eternal creation of Monsieur Eiffel.

Press Secretary

Representatives of the largest companies, almost all the time sitting on their suitcases.

Often they accompany their superiors in every major mission to be in the know and be able to quickly respond to them. Clearly, this work is a high stress and conflict situations. You must have thick skin and be ready for any turn of the plot.

Creator of promotional videos/videographer

Different movies in different parts of the world — all this is possible, if you are a professional and your work is highly valued in the labour market.


The product of a journalist texts and television. And travel is not required tourist theme. Journalists cover all world events, create reviews and articles on any topic.

7. Pilot

Work.kom.ua_15.09.2014_mrSwxeYGMRoERTo become a specialist of this profession is not enough education Il «flight rights». The future pilot must have a healthy heart, blood vessels, lungs, normal blood pressure, and the vestibular apparatus intact. During the learning process, the students, or rather, the students repeatedly will take a Commission for any health problem with the profession to leave.

Medical examination of the pilots are not only during studies but also throughout their working life, are thoroughly looking forward to the bias. Probably, for this reason, in our time, produced much less of the profession than just a couple of decades ago. This leads to the fact that, for example, over a five-year period of time, to retire are two times more pilots in respect of entering the service.

How to become a pilot without education?There are flying clubs, providing courses of piloting and flight hours, mostly commercial, which has a speed learning system.

The first stage — upon completion of the certificate of the Amateur pilot that you can fly, but can’t get a job.

The second stage – the pilot of a commercial nature. To obtain the certificate of that degree are permitted only with a certificate of the preceding level. The pilot has a right to work, to drive a light aircraft to fly commercial flights on aircraft that have only one engine. Such commercial pilots usually take a small airline to fly short distances.

The third stage – the air line pilots. Certificate this category is also impossible to obtain without the first two steps or diploma pilot of any educational institution. Line pilots have ten times more flight hours than the graduate school and the right driving all aircraft. Such pilots and airlines are looking for employers. Practice, practice and more practice.

8. Sailor long voyage

By.kom.ua_16.09.2014_nxWR9edkF0QnpAt all times of romance and travel enthusiasts chose this profession. For modern sailors, the sailing has become much safer, but from natural disasters and pirates no one is immune. But here, by analogy with the pilot, you have to have good health and nerves, confirmed by medical examinations.

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