Professions generated by Internet and computer the modern age of Internet and computers there were many professions generated by IT technologies. Sit deep in the online space, doing what is hard not to know your grandparents. However, in addition to our usual copywriters, web designers and mobile application developers, the market has spawned a new IT profession, which many do not hear. Let’s find out!

Web gardener

For any kind of bushes in Jolly farm to take care of not have to. It’s much easier. For so close to nature is nothing to do with the usual gardening activities. That’s what makes a gardener? Properly, keeps order in the garden, cuts away all the excess. Here is the web gardener keeps the procedure a number of sites: looks, vyvalivaet dead links, changing the appearance of a website depending on current needs. His job is not to generate the content – he cares for the existing: cleans and renews old pages, removes unnecessary. Unfortunately, neither agricultural nor at the Polytechnic University there is no faculty online gardening. But whether still will be!

Professional blogger

We have lived up to the moment when blogging became the main means of income. And options to make money in this field very much. You can, for example, lead his popular blog and sell advertising on it, and it is possible not to irritate the heavens and the audience, to use hidden advertising of goods and services. Some are blog – all the possibilities are not listed.

Well, in short, Problogger is the man who successfully and on time capitalized his graphomania. The occupation is a bit sad, because you have little to sell his hard-earned popularity and objectivity, which is especially ugly to those who think of themselves as God’s scourge for the corrupt media and used to expose wrong medialuna. But for home Internet need to pay, therefore, having collected will in a fist, Problogger issue 100 posts in day on completely different topics.

But it is convenient: work for yourself, you’re not tied to the place of residence and can even earn on your vacation, just preparing a report about how you used to catch geese in the Volga village.


In fact – the Creator of social networking that is called «turnkey». If you want to be a star «Vkontakte», showing off the wound with likes and nice content page, but you, to put it mildly, lazy day and night to sit on the already created group, come to the aid of socializer. In fact mostly they are traded, large companies, and our hero creates on their websites, or on any private grounds, community in, say, horse lovers, which is unobtrusive funded and controlled by the meat-packing plant, or group on football, established at the personal request and under the relentless control of the major bookmakers. To create a community named after himself, where are you going to show off the achievements of his company is no longer fashionable. Hidden, unobtrusive, but effective.

Top quality socializer – the subtlety and unobtrusiveness. To make a community that will not repugne all the hype. But the point promotions and a quiet feeding of participants can give a good promotional effect, and most importantly, to buy the loyalty of users. Socializer is a marketer, publicist, copywriter and advertising Manager in one bottle. And work is not easy. To fill the content of the resource the «right» content is a great art.


Contrary to expectations, the essence of this profession is not to quote the gospel in the comments under videos of accidents filmed on video, or preach Scripture resources with vicious content. Although in some ways IT is also Evangelist is a preacher: he promotes a product, establishing close and good relations with a potential customer. Where the customer does not respond to advertising, the Evangelist appears in a dark cloak, with a friendly smile, and in his hand is the Holy Scripture of the product catalog and price list. Yes, this is the marketer who works in the field of information technology, but he talks about technologies that have just appeared, or will appear. They do not tell you what a good new resource on Group Mail or Windows Life. Doing this just marketers. Evangelicals have treated developers and IT professionals, communicating with them in one language and «rubbing them the game» is more expensive. It is this symbiosis of technology, who knows about the technology, but not able to talk, and a sales Manager who is able to sit on the ears, but does not know the subject even at 4.

Evangelist meets with potential partners and clients, talks about the benefits of the product, creates the ideology of the product within the company, organizes and conducts events and meetings, serves as a speaker from the company at conferences and in the press. In General, the work is very good. In some places even free schedule, work one week a month. But how! Squeezing all the juices, irritating nerds and to all who have contact with you.

To some it may seem that this work is not quite fit to the topic. So, it does not require constant holding time of the monitor, but there is in the Internet era, and thanks to the evangelists many of the technologies and programs that we are now actively in use, came into use.

Ethical hacker

Also known as»white hat hacker» – a hacker, who hired companies to attack their own sites and local network. Seems a bit absurd? Only for those who are not versed in the issue. The fact that hiring a good hacker is the most effective, albeit the most insulting way to test the reliability of security systems. After that, the chief of service of it usually is ashamed and humiliated. But it costs the profession. There is always someone whose kung fu is stronger than yours.

In fact, the highest career achievement for any hacker to do what he used to do, but for the money. Previously, the hackers achieved their goal by peaceful blackmail: first, at your own risk hacked the system, and then demanded money for it, to point out weaknesses and explain how to avoid this in the future. All this often ended badly, and for both sides: the courts, blackmail, threats. Now an ethical hacker and teach officially. Certified ethical hackers release many universities in America, Europe, and Hong Kong, China, Turkey and the Philippines. Companies such as Cisco, Novell, Canon, Coca-Cola, Ministry of defence, Microsoft, and dozens more corporations of a similar size have been working a full-time «hackers in white hats».

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