Professionalism isn’t worth a thing

When a player in the lobby of a luxury hotel says that the poor performance of the team is not his problem, as it is called? This is called shamelessness. You may rightly ask, what the hell I remembered this story more than four years ago? It passed stage, and Andrei Arshavin is definitely the best Russian player of the last 20 years, now plays in the Kazakh steppes, and many identificireba as the husband of the presenter with the First channel. But over the years this situation as before perfectly describes the condition of such things as professionalism. Here it is, the common denominator of modern society — «it’s not my problem». And it’s not just about football players, actors, musicians and even journalists with bloggers, this is also true of conductors, salesmen, businessmen and people mundane. People stopped working, they have to earn.

O sport, you are life

Excuse me disappointed big-time sports the soul of the author, but he again gives the example of athletes. Because their example is easier to consider the collapse. What is the essence of professional sports? To give sight. After sport has ceased to be an Amateur, that is the way of the leisure time of the working class in the Sabbath day, he had his own mission. In addition to entertainment it is also inspiration and motivation. Simple boys from the favelas with due diligence and developing your own talent can escape from poverty and to touch the world of multi-million dollar contracts. They offer lifetime advertising contracts, placed on banners, and their personal experience is used as an example. However, not in textbooks, and in advertising, to earnings was more. We will see the charismatic Usain Bolt after his death. Who, Mohammed Ali, used the sport as a way to draw attention to social problems, in the case of Ali, the situation of the black population in American society. But we must recognize that peace and social mission of big-time sports failed.

For example, the little boy was the winner all that is possible, but to what avail, if you look at competitions on a throwing of a kernel is not very interesting? What do I care if his success is 50% involved drugs? Honestly, to watch a Curling competition unbearable, although playing a very fun and interesting. And what good are they to humanity? I swear, you’d better have earned from broadcasting money of vacuum, as they bring real benefits — they do not allow us to drown in his shit. People complain that volleyball nobody goes. Why? Yes, because it is not interesting to watch. The problem here is not to promote, and boredom events.

Although there is one tool to attract attention to meaningless sports to the athletes that they are defending the honor of the country, to pay more attention to then as well for them to score. And helps: sport becomes a tool for Patriotic work, he spent a lot of money, technology, to every athlete was like Ivan Drago, for all to see, someone to be feared. Only problem of technology is that it lacks entertainment. But the pryguny with a pole ranting on the fact that without them the Olympic gold medal leveled up to silver. What modest people, however. How about Olympic Champions from unwatchable gymnastics who allow themselves to beat the guys from «Stop-ham».Units of habit, dozens of interest, and others through advertising and mass PR. The ancient law of the market States: «the Benefits can be made from, the main thing is to competently advertise». Again, fabulous contracts is beneficial to the sports federations, we must somehow be recouped. Although there are really spectator sports that draw big audiences: football, baseball, hockey, basketball — is something to see. There is a lot of money, unfairly huge. How much can you say about the teachers and doctors who live in poverty, and millionaires who earn a disgusting farce that resembles a football? Someone will say that they plow outwear organisms, and the money is justified. But the fire plow less and the risks are higher. And salaries are not comparable. In sports actively introducing new technologies that may be helpful to give all the best athletes on the limit, but don’t always make it spectacular. Anyway, when the sport was Amateur, the numbers on the scoreboard were more like spectators. Now the most important and interesting matches tickets to get difficult, because the sport has become a world of big money. Of course, there are athletes who remember their mission: spend money on charity and you give it all, but there are those who are satisfied with party in Monte Carlo after his own shame.

The most insulting in all this is to grow results, the sport is becoming kind of like a more technologically advanced, but not very spectacular. But the sense of self-importance among athletes rising to the heavens, and over time they themselves forget that the sport — it’s the same circus, the essence of which is to entertain the audience. And in their diet and the effort should all be shit because the actor did not ask what he put in order to get into the character. It would not hurt the boys climbed through sport, remember this.

Earn and not to work

But representatives of the more mundane occupations that scares the rich kids, too, sacrificed to their professional duties. But there is more despair and hopelessness. When you have a ridiculous salary, do you think that your work is evaluated not on merit. Therefore, doctors trash, officials take bribes, the master of the housing Department do not come when needed, and when it happens. Does not plead guilty one, all complain about the world, life and human anger. There is always someone to blame. Therefore such a thing as professionalism, has disappeared from the radar. But nobody wants to change themselves, it’s not their fault, just a life. And all agree, no opposed. Yes, life was quite lousy, the people in it do not appreciate not only appreciate athletes, members and artists who often get money for primitive game at 5 th grade. Therefore, all labeled to where you can properly earn. To earn money, even if it is not performing efficiently their work. Then there are people trying to treat their work not from the point of view of benefit to society, and from the point of view of the basic broth. Because around a solid one-day firms, in stores expired milk out of plaster, and at universities hordes of lawyers, managers and other «elite». And then no one satisfies human needs, only their own. However, not all succeed, and in addition they are not able to work. They wanted to make money, and that you need to make efforts, they said. As a result we have what we have — a global society of ryazapov.

In the world of the ephemeral

In a world where highly educated people intentionally produce light bulbs with a short life cycle, and released from the conveyor mediocre the car is aimed at two years of carefree operation, this complicity of professional ethics is not surprising. Look at corporations that are only looking for an opportunity to earn. All get the point — you only need to separate the client to the end, he was talking to you. Therefore ineffective drugs, equipment, day trips, and to gain knowledge without Tutors it is impossible. The law concrete jungle reads: «survival of the fittest and the most cunning. The professionalism there is, unfortunately, even in a footnote under the text will not find anything.

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