Products from Sony that changed the world

When people criticize the market economy, then just forget about those corporations that have invested their resources, time and money on the development of technical industry. All for the sake of money, of course. But humanity will benefit from this, isn’t it? Consider, for example, the Sony company, which was founded by two smart Japanese Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka immediately after the Second world war. Guys did not expect better times for the country, and decided to do it and do it well.

Akio Morita called this strange word is not just. A clever entrepreneur has combined the Latin «sonus» (sound) and English «sunny boys» (an expression that characterize young geniuses). Actually, the name reflects the policy of the company is innovation.

So what we gave the Sony Corporation?

1. CD


Violent 80-ies, the period of the highest technological growth of the country of the rising sun. Two giants of the industry (Philips and Sony) agreed in his underground vault, to change and to enslave the world. They get it thanks to pulse-code modulation and the birth of this monster. The company are developing the first compact disc, which goes on sale on 1 October 1982 in Japan. For 25 years, has sold more than 200 billion CD is an incredible figure. Even now, despite the fact that the music is actively swing on the Internet, the market for CDs is about 70% of all music sales.

2. Sony Walkman


If not Sony, then the number of people in the morning run your two kilometres would be reduced significantly. No one likes to run in silence, without AC/DC in my ears.

The point is that on the market the first portable player received 1 July 1979. The device itself was developed by the» engineer of Nobutoshi Kihara for the founder of Sony. The latter liked to listen to the music of the Opera, sitting in his plane. Player called the Walkman, Morita (founder of Sony) wildly did not like. I wanted to rename, but the ad campaign was already in full swing, so the wise leader of the technological revolution decided to put a theme with Walkman slide.

However, then there is a problem. There was a guy named Andreas Pavel. It turned out that he still bearded 1972 invented this most player. Just called his stereobelt. He is knocking at many companies (Grundig, Philips, Yamaha) to get it interested in the idea. In 1977 Paul patented his creation in Italy, and then applied for a patent in USA, Germany, UK and Japan…! When appeared on the market of the Walkman, Andreas was tight. For decades, the inventor has sued the Japanese monster to carve out their share. But what is man compared to Sony? Only in 2003 Andreas and the Japanese manufacturer was able to accept an agreement that satisfied both parties. The company has acted wisely in turning this unpleasant page of his biography.

3. PlayStation


The complexity and beauty of the games is increased graphics have become more elegant. Cartridges have a limit, which is at the end of the last century, the producers of games are very close. So in 90 years, the world shouted its lingering «goodbye» cartridgesit games. There is a new post in gaming – the Sony PlayStation.

The first console was introduced to the public in 1994. She was the first that used optical discs, but was the first that was expecting a dizzying success given that the prehistoric times were terrible for new players in the game industry. The market was in the hands of Nintendo and Sega, and they are the last guys who would want to give up his place to someone else. But the PlayStation was a breakthrough in the industry that laid the foundations for all later generations of consoles. She later became the killer Sega, when they decided to launch your Dreamcast shortly before the release of the Playstation 2. The situation demonstrates the fact that the innovators are always in the winners, and those who cling to the past and the old technology very quickly go from «major League».

Smart people from Sony to the joy of this introduced the concept of «backward compatibility» in all subsequent console PlayStaytion, that is, if you have three, no, you are still entitled to play the old game of ‘ 96. But now in the trend of the fourth part, which is not backwards compatible. However, in the old games you can play with the «cloud».

4. Xperia


The smartphone division of Sony Corporation. Prior to this, the Japanese also played a phone, but in cooperation with Ericsson. And they took a large share of the market, and then notably so mess. At some point, the Swedes had renounced their share in the joint venture, and all the laurels of the manufacturer went to the Japanese. So since 2012, Sony is solely their smartphones, which successfully compete with such corporations as Samsung and Apple. Slowly they occupy the territory, but the fight of the smartphones – the still unpredictable hell.

Anything new in the technical sense Xperia can not offer, but takes its traditional bundle, which includes a relatively inexpensive, impeccable design and ease of use. Sony are betting on the widest layers of the population. Kazuo Hirai, the current CEO, dream about the incarnation of the concept of «One Sony» a reality, that is, for full communication between people all you need is one smartphone that will help the user in all aspects of life. Will not speculate and just wait for what awaits us in the near future.

5. Sony PlayStation VR

But back to the games.

All the lazy people of the world hope for a virtual reality helmet, which will help to raise the degree of idleness to a new level. Many are counting on the development of American companies, the other glances in the direction of Japan. One thing is for sure: the existence of an absolute virtual reality is beneficial primarily in the gaming industry. Sales of consoles will soar, sales of games will rise hundreds of times. Even seniors will play some of his crazy memories. Benefit from good design for all ages.

We are extremely happy that mankind is approaching an important date, when the doors of the other dimension will open for each. Enough to have a PlayStation 4 and pre-order the Playstation VR. Manufacturers guarantee a full immersion in the game world, as well as ease of use. The helmet is easy to remove, easy to wear, easy to adjust. Sony has developed a custom OLED screen to in front of your eyes was a picture in superglam mode 120 Hz in the range of 360 degrees. Not without 3D sound, which allows the player to identify the sources of noise. I think this is another breakthrough, no less.

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