Products banned in USA

There are many foods that are good, we ought to ban. Especially such food enough in Russia, where the guests has long been more a recommendation than a rule book that must be performed. Sad but true. Surprisingly, in America a lot of food is prohibited. You’ll be surprised to see what foods you can not eat ordinary Americans.

1. Absinthe

It is not strange, but absinthe is banned in the US a very long time, and all because of the content of wormwood, which can lead to unpleasant consequences, according to American scientists. For example, they believe that the wormwood can cause miscarriage. It is reasonable to answer that during pregnancy it is better not to drink alcohol, but about him somehow forget everything. Now absinthe in the USA is allowed, but in fact it is not absinthe: wormwood in it very little.


2. Cake made of pig’s blood

Have you ever eaten blood pudding? Cake made of pig’s blood is almost the same, only it’s attached to a long wooden stick. It is prohibited in the US only because it is considered unsanitary. We remind you that all sorts of burgers, fried in oil, and pig’s blood — no.


3. Haggis

No, it’s not baby diaper. Exactly. Haggis is the national food of Scotland, which is a sheep’s stomach, which pushed various organs of a sheep. Then everything is cooked. Banned the dish is not due to the fact that hell is a boiled sheep’s stomach, and due to the fact that it contains sheep lungs. Liver, kidney, stomach, cooked, heart… everything is fine. But light is not possible! Therefore, prohibited.


4. Puffer Fish

Banned it is clear why: it’s poisonous, wrong cut and you die in agony. Why take the risk?


5. Eggs Kinder

Banned because of small parts. Not save and a warning about small parts. Do not save even the fact that small parts are in box. They say that it’s because the baby suffocated. Where to watch adults?


6. Pommac

In the 60s Dr. pepper launched a soft drink with the taste of champagne. Great idea, I think you are, but dudes of America said it desorientiert. Found in the drink a harmful substance cyclamate sodium finally made Pommac in the list of prohibited goods.


7. Any meat produced outside the USA

According to the laws of America, processed meat products are required to be made in America. Other products are not allowed.


8. Human and horse meat

Horses in the United States can’t be eaten. Absolutely! Don’t even think about it. But it’s a shame that you can’t eat human flesh! People should have the right to dispose of their body as they want. And zombie wants to eat.


9. Vegemite

The national food of Australia. Salt eerily.


10. Four Loko (the original)

Strange, the Pindos has a lot to learn. They have banned products with simultaneous caffeine and alcohol. And we have students «Jaguar» off the beaten track.


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