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manygoodtips.com_3.04.2015_r53zdMm0eiFqhWho knows crazy electronics with Prodigy! Recently crazy Brits again forced to talk about myself. And did it like true artists, without scandal and gossip, just releasing the album «The Day is my Enemy», which in a couple of months before the release managed to break into pieces and the youtube community with their videos, while not resorting to the help of the kittens, beauty bloggers, or whatever is currently popular? Just clips were very good. And the songs, which break the internal harmony of even the most battle-tested fans, could not leave anyone indifferent. Fire Fox (do you think about Firefox?) swept through the Internet and told the world that the Prodigy have released one of the best albums during his long career flighty! In confirmation of the leading position in the tops of the Itunes, millions of views on YouTube. And not because it’s «Prodigy». Listen to the album and all will become clear.

«The Day is my Enemy» turned out to be more interesting and bromelaine than its predecessor, and quite worthy to be mentioned among the best big-bit albums along with such major contractors group as the Music for the Jitled Generation and Fat of the Land. This week the album went on sale, you can drop a few coins on the treatment of old flint. He squandered his health only to have you enjoyed the music!

Therefore, the editors passionate about the new creation of legendary SUV, decided to recall their past achievements, so to speak, polybona. Well, to begin with personally thank each member of the legendary Trinity. There is a trio of great tenors, but there is a trio of great musical troublemakers, namely:

Liam Howlett – the nerve center of the group, its ideology, its composer. In fact, 50% of the group. Exactly, he should say the biggest thank you for happy childhood, youth and present.

Cat flint – crazy, outrageous creation, singing into the microphone all those favorite childhood aggressive verses, in fact, the branded face of the team and the most famous participant.

Maxim Reality vocalist and dancer, also performing the unthinkable mess with flint. Perhaps one of the best tandems in the entire history of the universe, if you know what I mean. From the pen of max goes all that hard social lyrics, which enthusiastically singing group. Well, it is worth noting his powerful vocals as much as 100 decibels.

What Evil Lurks


Their debut mini-album, the age of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Then, in 1991, just met the gang still didn’t know what she wants. Has not the slightest relationship to the site «lurkmore». The founding father of the group’s Liam Howlett has recorded about 10 tracks on a cassette and gave to listen to other team members (Yes, that was the easiest option. Do you remember audio cassettes? How long ago it was!).

From these 10 tracks began big history the big bullies. For the first single was taken four things: «Android», «Everybody in the Place», «We Gonna Rock» and «What Evil Lurks» – the last song gave name to the whole album. The album did not go unnoticed and immediately hit the rotation of different clubs. The rave scene felt that the Messiah will come and raise the rave music to a new level. Love musicians and in Italy, where with great warmth and crazy excited cry made the debut of future explorers of the rave scene.

The beginning was set, it is necessary to move on.



In fact, their debut album, in fact – a definite breakthrough.

Typical reviewy the sound recorded on antiquated synthesizers, giving the album charisma. There was everything: a sharp speed, chaotic broken beats, with a combination of keyboard inserts «raivavae» funny electronic sounds and puppet voices, which actually are simply accelerated samples. The album instantly went platinum, and the world shuddered under the onslaught of the mighty Ravers. Special attention should be paid to the composition Charly. If you don’t remember Charly, you don’t know anything about the work of the group. This song has generated a lot of debate on the topic «if Charly Killed rave». Very unusual he was. However, contrary to popular indignation, the fact remains that Charly was perhaps the most noticeable release of the time, adelebsen releases all other groups that hail fell on the dance scene.

Another successful single was «Everybody in the place», which is outstripped only reissued «Bohemian Rhapsody», which came forward on a wave of universal mourning for Freddie mercury who died in 1991.

Before the release of «The Prodigy Experience» who have not not managed to release a successful full nightcore album. The debut of the Prodigy, however, destroyed a hitherto steadfast rule. The album consisted of new material groups, and also combined the most successful remixes, he previous singles that were appreciated by the thousands of people who bought the disc.

Music for the Jilted Generation


Famous face, which frightened the children is not worse than APPEARANCE. However, for the youth of the early 90s this mug was a symbol of the rampant crazy and quality of the rave.

Music for the Jilted Generation is the second album of 1994 year of manufacture, which clearly felt the delicious influence of industrial music and rock music. It’s very simple: the guys have changed a little taste. Still the album is one of the most successful releases of the band. As of Expirience, it’s still the same creation of the underground, but a little different. Darker and more full-bodied sound, tough break sound mixed with hip-hop and various other areas, including house, acid jazz and hardcore, made the audience go crazy and crush with delight all the stores that were in reach. Simply put, «music of the abandoned generation» won this generation, not leaving indifferent.

Critics were also impressed. The album, as usual, took first place in many charts and received platinum status. Well, how else. Especially when it is such a hit at all times, as «Vodoo People». Have you ever seen a person who does not like this song? No? Me too! So charismatic, aggressive and very interesting masterpiece within one song. I think even in a hundred years the youth (and then it will be already absolutely other young people) will break under painfully familiar gash. Oh, and the famous Poison that tore up the charts even before the release of the album. Real connoisseurs will understand.

Those who like a mixture of a large number of styles within one album to listen urgently!

By the way, in that period the cat became the way we are used to seeing.

The Fat of The Land


Yeah…. so. Well, you know, what is this album? You know shit-kicking crab, which seemed to hint to you that now you just hear the fantastic music! This is the quintessence of their creativity – the most stupid and commercially successful creation! He is still kept in the famous book of records the name of a famous brewery as the fastest selling British album. It is such famous pearls as Breathing, experimental and controversial Firestarter, and legend, which is strongly associated with the band – Smack my bitch up.

In principle, many on this composition acquaintance went wrong. By the way, the clip was banned, and the song aired only at night. She is too rude and misogynistic. However, it is still one of the most famous hits of the band.

Hell, the album is simply brilliant! It was a new sound, dreamed Howlett. In the world there was not one disco where they would not have fought in ecstasy for these wonderful songs. Moreover, the album led the group to the nomination «Grammy». However, only the category. But here that confuses: 1997 year… How long has it been!

Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned


This creation had to wait a very long time – as much as 7 years. During this time the boys re-released Experience, released upbeat singles, Howlett realized the dream and released his DJmiks album and a crowd favorite flint during motorcycle racing crashes, however escaped with a serious knee injury, a fracture of the tail and numerous bruises. In addition, the group left its longtime dancer and responsible for the revelry on stage Leroy Thornhill.

There was another EP, entitled baby’s Got a Temper, which gave all members of the group, except for flint, because, in fact, the album was recorded by his group with the immodest name of Flint. Although hungry for the creativity of the fans didn’t care, and they gladly accepted this masterpiece.

But back to the album. The beginning of the 2000s have been for the group very difficult. Went active rumors about the breakup of the band, but the good, the bad thoughts time has left the bright heads dance of the devils. The album failed to meet expectations. The furor around it has largely been associated with long waiting time and those who this album is concocted. Critics responded very, very cold. Yes, he was nominated for «Grammy», but judge for yourself, the record has not actually participated Maxim Reality and flint, who sang only Hotride, but it was a lot of guest musicians, among which are Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis, Twista, and actress Juliette Lewis and others. In many ways, the lack of familiar votes associated with fighting, flint and main ideologue of the group Howlett. The cat fixated on punk rock, who played with his band, and from which with difficulty were selected. But in the end, the Father forgave the prodigal son, they spit on the unfortunate experiment, and the next album was all right.

Invaders Must Die


«Invaders must die» was the title of the new album, which was released in 2009. back to basics. Old Trinity once again gathered in full force to try to make fans forget about Voodoo people and Smack my bitch up and Firestarter and fill their heads with new hits.

The album was greeted positively by critics and fans. All sins were forgiven, though, is to say that, and no one really took offense. Particularly pleased with such hits as «Worlds On Fire», «warrior’s Dance», «Mescaline» and «First Warning». The latter, incidentally, can you remember from the game «Need for speed: undercover». At that moment began to appear rumors that flint had problems with hearing (rumors about disability – what a tautology). All because of the Internet, which I can’t stand. Liam even said once: «I hate the Internet. I think it’s a big pile of crap. Mountains of irrelevant information.» But back to ancient times and the flint note that his vocals are being heard is very very good. Well Done, Cat. So well done everyone.

In fact, the album seems weaker than «Music for the Jilted Generation and The Fat of the Land». But what could compete with them? Is that the new. Although thanks to this crafty thing as nostalgia, the good old clips of days of greatness and dominance over the dance scene will be greeted with greater warmth than new ones.

But I’ll take the liberty to recommend music to concentrate their minds on the new album, which will satisfy even the most demanding fans. I hope that after it, as in the old days, the sound of slaughter distinctive hits, and not the disposable monotonous boredom that we have now. Let the meat! Give Prodigy in rotation on the radio! In the end, this is one of the few bands who write dance music that invokes deep respect for even the avid rock-n-rolikov.

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