Problems with the relationship? Perhaps there’s something you don’t know!

When you become an adult and when you had your first girl, I don’t think that your relationship ended well. Don’t suppose you remember now, her name. I personally do not remember, in my opinion, Marina.

In fact, we did not know many of the fundamental laws of relationship, so nothing happened. Well, because we were frankly a little years. Ignoramus, in short. But in life there are many things that we must know that in the future we did not let the ideal relationship, but at least no odds.

1. You have to love yourself first

If you really want to have a long touching and friendly relationship with someone, you would do well to become his best friend. The point of this is not to look for someone who will pay you for the lack of love, but to find a person, with what love we can share. To look for love only in order to offset the deficit? somehow low.

2. You get what you have invested

Your first girlfriend, first serious girl can’t be remembered, but if you treated them like complete ass, they’ll remember. Pleasant memories, cute romantic shit, that’s what people will remember. You will also remember, because the attention to such things. Note that the number of attention in regards to a loving human will come back to you only loving person. The one who is taking advantage of you, hardly will give you at least a third of your care. Think about it.

3. What most people think about you doesn’t matter

Don’t worry about such things as the opinions of others. Most people care about someone else’s opinion, only in spirit: «they Have red hair and nose rings? Now assholes! Hear here assholes!» Of course, there is a lot of gossip which great pleasure to be speaking ill of unfamiliar people. But why talk about sick people?

There is also a negative trait of this truth, man. It lies in the fact that anyone don’t want your relationship as you. Your friends take it for granted. Your parents need to take this for granted. Of course they can help, but a mom who will go to your girl, to bring you back together, looks pretty weird. But the worst is her son, whose mom has to go to his girlfriend to put up with.

4. Friends and family will not always support you. You have to be ready for it

Follow your intuition. I’m not asking you as female esoteric books, to listen to your «gut». Intuition listen — to make you feel good. Time will tell, I lied to you a feeling. The only people who can be mad at you, it’s those people who believe that you’re living a lie. And this is not the case weak.

5. Life doesn’t always change as fast as people change

Understand that everyone may not be the way you know him. Sometimes it’s not the husband disappeared from our lives, and just passed that same impression.

6. Some people take a place in our hearts but not in our life

If you see that your familiarity with this man only prevents this person has the sense to let him go and not clutter up your life. Try to let go of this man, to forgive, but not forget about the nice moments of life. Don’t retell this to your future girls I’m begging you!

7. Everyone has baggage

But, in fact, why not to translate. Each person has «baggage» in the face of previous ex, hordes of cockroaches-complexes in the mind, silly relatives, fat cat, stupid brother, who sits on the neck of the parents, and to the heap of nonsense. If a man loves you, he will help this «baggage», «unpack». Only I beg you, do not have their «baggage» to flaunt, and then be offended that another girl walks away from you, because your brother often comes to your home, and you too often visited his ex-wife.

8. Love does not suffer

If you limit with a sense of dignity, personal liberty, or it interferes with friendship or family, and you couldn’t save the relationship, do not say that you stole love. Yesterday it was, and your girlfriend did some stuff, and all at once disappeared. So, my friend, does not happen. It may well be that it was not love, it was possessiveness. Manipulation. Error. Anything but love. If this is love, then you cannot just take and close the door because your ex was cold to you a couple of times or didn’t like his relative. Everyone can understand but some seem to not even have tried.

9. To forgive is always the right choice

Each person can hold a grudge, but let go it can only strong spirit. Not all of these biblical laying on of hands, is not like a Jesus hug someone and pretentious to say that you forgive them. Dude, it is not done. You wave a hand and… almost forget about it. Do not forget about the fact, and forget about the emotions that have caused you this fact. Forgiveness does not mean that you will be easy to see this man and you will remain friends.» To forgive — to reconcile and get rid of the pain so that next time you really won’t feel anything.

10. Love requires only three things: acceptance, honesty and dedication

The meaning of such pathetic concepts like «love» lies not in passionate songs and other angle, and that you genuinely care and respect the man, not his perfect idea of her, or even what he wants to be. In fact, you open yourself up to the long term one person in such a way that you become absolutely transparent. You stick together with each other and go forward through fire and water. For this you need to do three things. First, accept the person such what he is and love him. Not to force him to be something, not to manipulate them, because it does not come from those whom I respect. Honesty stems from respect, it is unlikely you will lie even on the little things (I don’t mean «this dress you wear it well, sweetheart»), who despise. Respect by default is not there, it is also worth noting. Loyalty is a logical consequence of the first two things.

I don’t think «Romeo and Juliet» love story, is the story of teenage passion, not more. They did not build joint plans and they were not interested in the inner world of each other. But the people who lived to a ripe old age and still can something to talk about, is for me an example of true love. If you have something does not work, you might not stick together.

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