Problems that cause us girls in short shorts

Finally after a long, plagued all winter (almost like in «Game of thrones») warm weather. This means that beach season is around the corner and soon, sandals and shorts will be the standard clothes for all of us.

More importantly, good weather opens the season of girls in short shorts — a worthy occasion to celebrate!

Girls in short shorts — a natural phenomenon that is observed by us annually and still has not received proper worship. Instead of hiding your legs under jeans as it happens 75% of the time, the girls finally bare my skin and open our eyes his feet. We do not force myself to wait and plunge into contemplation. Fortunately, watching them is not forbidden: it is important not to touch.

Look, dude, but be careful and selective in this lesson. Girls in short shorts are our source of not only pleasure, but also problems. What?

1. Age

manygoodtips.com_30.05.2014_bvE5HToIJwp9GFeet won’t tell you about the age of the girl: I agree, it is difficult to determine how old she is, instead of the top when looking at the lower half of the body. But short shorts make us do just that! Instead of immediately separating unsuitable, too young candidacy, we first enjoy the view of their feet and manage to make them the subject of our sexual fantasies.

It’s not too late to change his mind and as but at first you still feel like a pervert, which considers feet the high school.

Although it’s hard to blame us: we didn’t know. These short shorts made her legs and ass look like part of the body of an adult woman.

It happens in reverse: we engage in surveillance of a decent leg women much older than us. On the legs no wrinkles, they look young, and when we raise the gaze, horrified to realise that this woman is good to us in the mother.

Understand about what speech? To see more of the skin is not always good.

2. Face

manygoodtips.com_30.05.2014_izgvFPXftw7hMSimilar story. When you look in the first place on the girl’s feet, your face can be removed in a Comedy movie: first, it spreads happy smile, and as soon as the sight is coming up she slowly slide from his lips, giving way to a rueful grimace. We tend to naively believe that beautiful legs in a fantastic denim shorts oblige the person of their owner to be beautiful.

Of course, you appreciate not only the legs, but still make a decision too hastily, basing judgments on confidence in the beauty of the lower half of the body. Sunglasses and does complicate the task.

Many of us fall into this trap and regret the decision to meet after the half-hour conversation. Be careful, man!

3. Figure

manygoodtips.com_30.05.2014_HHItXzuPW5nPkIn short shorts a girl is more difficult to hide from your figure flaws, but in some cases they are well distract our attention from this nuance. Short shorts keep for yourself your attention, and the more you watch, the more convinced that her legs are beautiful — but is the possessor of gorgeous legs may have small Breasts, saggy belly and massive hands?

You can’t blame men in this error. However, to manifest itself in society large ladies only because the shorts made her legs look better — an undesirable result for any of us.

Moreover, if you accept that, your standards will drop by themselves and still you will not be never.

4. Fat

manygoodtips.com_30.05.2014_bMp3XOuPsrMcJIn short shorts fat can not hide, the problem is not the illusion. Let’s discuss the obvious: it’s hard to move away from the form of thick and non-leg, which was sticking out of short shorts. Every year our eyes are opened more and more thick legs.

To see slim and trim beauty Queen in short shorts so well, how horrible to contemplate vosmidesyatitonnye woman in the same shorts. It’s just ugly, but everyone is silent because they believe it is rude to talk about it.

5. Sex

manygoodtips.com_30.05.2014_aaaRKoXZnU6CZIt is unknown whether proven this fact scientifically, but short shorts in men increase the degree of sexual desire. However, the reverse is the law, unfortunately, does not exist: girls in short shorts sexual attraction does not change our chances of success do not grow. Rather, quite the contrary: they are more confident and often give us the heave-Ho.

Of course, sex is technically easier in the summer because we wear less clothes and popping in places where young people (say, on the beach). But to persuade a girl that doesn’t make it easier.

And this is a problem because the shorts are the only thing we can think of it as them faster to remove. The idea is that shorts have to simplify, but the effect is the opposite. And of nobody likes.


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