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Hi dear! I read you for a year, during this time, my life turned for the better, thanks to you! Continue in the same spirit.

Now the actual question. I am now in big, black ass out of it, I do not see. I have done the first course of the northwestern state medical University, but deep down I know that even with a crust no one will not be able to find a job. It turns out that I spend 7 years training, so nothing happened. If I leave the University, it will fall into the abyss of unemployment and cattle. what do I do?

The answer

Oh those pangs of adolescence. Always climb some rein under the tail, and starts to confuse the young mind, and then mom is going through, dad thinks you’re a drug addict, and the grandmother decides to re-baptize. And most importantly, that this crappy idea out of your head nor turpentine, nor a sledgehammer to knock.

Young man, we’re certainly glad that through our log something in your life has changed and turned over, but mother of God, what is wrong with you!? Who do you say that you will not find a job? Give me the name of the bastard, I personally… never do anything about it, I’m a pussy.

But seriously, I do not really understand the way you think, a freshman. You just started your training in one of the most prestigious medical universities in the country, which is highly valued. You’re only at the beginning of his long, endless study (with all internships you’ll get somewhere 10 years), and, forgive me generously, but still have no idea about how you are a good doctor. People will always get sick, go under, die, and settle for expensive medicines, therefore the craft of the doctor will always be in demand. Always and at all times. And with your Institute, you simply hands torn off in some hospital somewhere in a remote town far from the Moscow region.Another thing is that you probably do not want to become a doctor, but it all depends on you. You’re at the beginning of his educational journey ahead drinking, a new portion of sessions, cohabitation with bowlegged lady, her first latency, and your sleepless nights. And everything else, in all this thick brew young life, you have to learn. Study hard, make friends with the deans, try, remember, nurse yourself medical cynicism — and will be a great young, promising specialist. Then worry about the workplace is not necessary, unless you will be a talented surgeon, work stress drink alcohol, or worse by a pathologist. They almost all drink, otherwise it is impossible to look at the swollen corpses of old women — it’s very unflattering.

Moreover, my depressed friend, if you think that the education of the physician attracts you to the hospital, as if handcuffed to a radiator, then… what’s wrong with you, guy. I know that abroad, even in European countries a great demand for qualified medical professionals? And there are paid adequately, in countries such as Portugal and Norway, for example, physicians — one of the most wealthy people and pay them decent. And most importantly — there is a demand. But only if you’re an expert in their field and language, not a school Doctor, who cures all diseases with activated carbon.All roads are open for you. Mind that doctors have low salaries? My friend, if you had seen what apartments are good, popular, successful doctors, and some cars go… Oh, to have lived! They have other patients, and thank them differently — not a pack of coffee and a box of chocolates, and things that the average person can collect over the years.

Perhaps the root of all your question lies in the fact that you’re just disappointed in their chosen profession, or simply realized that the treatment — not yours. Well, in that case, don’t be afraid to remain without education, are not lost. Need to give an example of people who have been successful with questionable stamp «some College»? This despite the fact that due to the internal culture and education, they are at times more intelligent those people who foolishly wear his pants in class. I would rather said in Istanbul on disagreement with the policy of Erdogan, what I would call them rednecks. It is desirable to have a clear goal and an idea of what you want to achieve. Although, you’re still young, you have time. But you’re too young and foolish. To do this, feel free to taste the fruits of life, and read more.

So, comrade, live, learn, and less worry, it’s harmful to health. Your future earnings depends only on you and your wishes.

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