Problem buying games on the example of No man’s Sky

manygoodtips.com_18.08.2016_gGXSg9H8eV0bsBuying computer games is a delicate matter and quite dangerous for your wallet, because today nobody will be surprised by the price tag of 2, and even 4 thousand rubles for one game. You can, of course, always to sail under a pirate flag, but sooner or later, you’ll want to stop in Havana, honest people where made to pay for the labor of game developers.

The mountain «legalized players» gave birth to the Steam service, where each user gets a different reward for the purchase of the product. Some of them are of social character — the same «achievements» that you can measure with their friends or with the help of which you can whip up your ego. By creating this service, the Valve has locked the bulk of the players in another social network, but it’s not as bad as it seems. The fact that Steam and similar services are great to help players navigate the vast world of game development. About it, just want to tell. And about what you need to know before buying any computer game. The described problem for example, the purchase of the game No man’s Sky.

The game is «not for everyone»

First of all, this means that some games (especially indie developers) are not designed for the mass market. You need massive player? This is debatable, but we think this player needs to be led by the handle through the colorful and vivid world where everything would be clear and understandable. He comes home to relax, or to compete with anyone. For many people, the game replaced the sport, so they are not able to make some innovations, which they consider to be boring, uninteresting and weird.


The situation with No man’s Sky is very revealing. Every second critic commented on the fact that the game quickly becomes boring, because it is not rich in plot, characters and enemies. For the vast majority of players it really is boring, but it is not the fault of the developers, because they didn’t do a space fighter — they did a space Odyssey with an infinite play space. Millions of stars, millions of planets, all of which you can visit, each of which will have something special. The fact is that this game is designed for meditators who dream to be in the shoes of a space traveler. That is, No man’s Sky represents a formidable and unique experiment in which 99 % of the content generates a complex mathematical algorithm. The player will have to attend ten «boring» planets to find one really unique and interesting. There will be dozens of hours before you this planet will find.But we understand that not everyone likes these games. And not to waste money, spend some time reading interviews with developers. They, of course, their offspring will to extol, but as a rule, they lie less than you think. At least you will understand what this game is, what’s in it and mechanics which the player she should enjoy it — the rest you can think out.

In No man’s Sky has no multiplayer

manygoodtips.com_18.08.2016_LYedoqb06qiArGood such a scandal came out where the blame mainly themselves the creators of the game. Describe the issue: the developers in numerous interviews promised in his game the chances of meeting another player. This feature, according to them, is almost incredible, as the game has 18 quintillion planets, and to converge two guys at one point have special luck. But luck players have in the very first day of release two players managed to come together at one point on the star map and… nothing happened.

The situation is unpleasant, insidious and devil-may-care attitude to the players. Promised, promised, but lied, and at the time of release. Of course, the company was afraid of losing the lion’s share of sales, but because things are not done! However, this was a lesson for us. In the preceding paragraph, we advise you to read an interview with the developers, and this advises you not to take for granted the most incredible statements of game creators — they are not gods, to realize all their plans will not. To create a perfect game is also not able, as we are not able to live a perfect life or to know whether God exists in fact or not. So, my advice to you — don’t overestimate a product that’s not out yet. Sometimes it is better to bypass pretzels party with his rolls to see how the players really appreciate the game. Only then will you be able to compile the most complete picture about any game.

Kraft, Kraft, Kraft

Most of the time I spent in No man’s Sky, I dedicated collection of resources. Even the starting mission (the only mission in the entire game) is dedicated to gathering resources and repairing, refueling spacecraft. 80 % of their time in No man’s Sky you will devote it. To walk on the planet — you need to craft. To fly — you need to craft. To turn on the hyperdrive — you need to craft. You can, of course, to become a space pirate and crafting then diminished, but the situation did not change much. You still have to craft.


A warning for those who with all my soul hates to collect materials and create stuff in a few hours. But, you know, what do real astronauts? That’s right — collected lunar soil.

Advice this implies the following. In the same Steam is home to a large gaming community. It publishes reviews under each game there is a green light. Before buying you should read player reviews and learn from them what they do in the main game time. Perhaps you will not be in a rush around the clock to collect gems to improve your ship.

Minor problems

Remember the moments when you have Skyrim or Witcher was overflowing inventory? It was unpleasant, annoyed by this situation, I know for myself. Now, No man’s Sky is full inventory you will have every fifteen minutes. Too little cells and even the cargo Bay of the ship not helping, and even its modifications — is still not enough. And it’s really annoying, especially when conventional reloading weapons also requires resources, which should be in your inventory. A small thing, but the impression of the game, and more traditional player, is already spoiled.

But I recently visited the idea that this is hell the developers intentionally set. Perhaps they wanted to radically change the behavior of the player, who in recent days the matter is that zadrotstvo. In No man’s Sky zadrotstvo becomes a real headache, which does not enjoy the game world. For this reason, players encounter other game behavior, if you know what I mean.From the point of view of the buyer, I would recommend to pay attention on such small game details that may seem insignificant, but they significantly change the perception of the product. Can you quickly adapt to a different concept?

Wait for discounts

We spend the money in the first days, the review still to write and advise, but we recommend you to wait. The game is not going anywhere and does not have to be among the first to play it. Especially when it comes to such a large project like No man’s Sky. The first day in this game was awful — the project threw feces for the reason that she just does not start on computers. After there was a problem with the optimization that has forced thousands of people to give the game back (such a function in Steam is — you can return any game played it less than two hours). The developers grabbed his head and released several patches in a row, which immediately fixed the basic problems. Now, at least, for me, the game is not slow, not crash and generally keeps a stiff upper lip. But how do I know what will happen on the next planet? So I recommend you to wait at least a couple of weeks to a team of indie-developers loosened the screws in your monster, otherwise you will think, what we recommend you is a real slag.

In fact, to wait is a good tactic for buyers of any games, especially the various new products. And that was one situation when I spent 900 rubles for the game the next day, cost 300. Watch the calendar sales are often.

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