Probably the most effective alarm clock

Probably the most effective alarm clock


The problem of «How to get up in the morning and preferably on time» is actually passion what is important. And what alarms nor invented the lazy human nature — in short, they are different, very different, but they have one common problem: most of them are not fucking work. You get up, turn off the alarm and then go «five minutes». The only thing that really worked, it’s mom, except that mom’s not around, you have your own life. And if there is — shame on you.

The best motivation, no matter what, always had money. So think and creators of this miracle. Rich Olson is an alarm clock with a built-in shredder. Not the guy from «teenage mutant ninja Turtles», and even that grinds paper into strips. In the evening before bedtime you download shredder the bill of a large denomination, I go to sleep and in the morning wakes you up the horn. If you ignore him good — bye, your stash. Motivates, right? I think that if you put all your salary, then you’re going to get in advance.

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