Principles relevant for all men


The world is insane, and it can drive you crazy and you if you are ill-prepared to meet him. Today we will tell you about the habits that will make you better and stronger in your personal life and at work.

Men in principle throughout his life have to solve similar problems: and 20, 30, and 40 years — in fact, it’s the same questions that confront us as a teenager. The first textbook difficulties come in the life of a man with the appearance of her first female.

Familiar? You begin to do something for women. You start to compromise with yourself for what matters to you. First, this behavior seems insignificant, and then it turns out that it not only matters, but brings the pain.

Habits take root and walk through life with you in high school, when you’re done, then you marry and have kids. From the point of view of the old guy who lived a life, it is rather difficult to discern.

How to like both my wife and myself? What about those who always wanted to be?

The root lies in your principles, which by definition cannot be circumvented or changed. That’s what you chose as your life points; things that mean more to you than anything else. It can be your job, yourself, your purpose, your children, your hobby, your relationship, maturity, morality and psychological well-being.

These are the principles that define you as a person; those things, compromise with which is gradually, but very definitely turn you into an angry and resentful man who always accuses others — especially my wife, than himself unhappy.

Some examples of such principles:

  • I’m loyal to my friend;
  • fear will not keep me from risk.
  • I would do anything to have my family continued to live in my house;
  • I’m training everyday;
  • I apologize only when appropriate and not in order to please others.

The principles should be just yours, nothing more. They reflect you and what you want to be. What you find below is the eight tools that will help you to find these principles. If you’ve heard it all from his father, may our text will serve you a reminder. If not, imagine that you hear it from the father: generally good they learn.

1. No longer a little

Inside most of us, lives a little boy. The same one that at the time, not enough love, attention, attitudes, mom or dad’s attention, which he was supposed to or thought I was supposed to when I was a kid. This boy is constantly hurt and has given him mercy and help, that he grew into a healthy man. As a result, men in our society become adults, and they themselves still do not feel men, continuing to behave like little boys. Enough to stumble in life and in relationships! You have a long and lasting relationship, you look like a successful man — make harmful this kid to shut up.

2. Express your feelings, and don’t defend them

Much better than to discuss your feelings, just report them. When you learn to do it and not defend, you will begin to give his woman what she needs, strengthening your relationship and feel much better. When you cease to protect yourself from someone who plays in your life, not the last role, you are more considered and more respect for you. When you talk about your feelings, this prevents anger, stress, anger, depression and other unpleasant phenomena.

3. Do not go on compromise with their principles

Men get angry and fraught with resentment when they agree to something that forces them to compromise with their principles and beliefs. When you have someone to unite for a common cause without having to compromise with what is important to you, it’s good. If you don’t think about what your principles, chances are that you can do something that is contrary to them — and to do it often, and still feel at ease.

4. You are responsible for sex and relationship

First you a lot of sex and you did everything to make her feel special. Now your need for sex has not changed, but you’re too lazy for romance and attention? It won’t work. You have to control sex, and relationships in General. When you’re doing well with this, everything in your life in order. Fear of rejection is the most popular reason why men feel constrained in the relationship, it often has under itself soil.

5. Whether a stone wall

One of the most important things needed by women, irrespective of their feelings, anger, fear, sadness, and frustration, regardless of how they behave and what they say is to understand that people will always be there. She wants to be herself and know that it will not be held responsible for how you will understand it in difficult times. If you give her that freedom and not going to run away, but instead will solve that for you it will be more than enough. You’ll be a stone wall!

6. Don’t argue

His desire to be right leave in the past. Don’t argue with her. You understand that in a dispute with your woman always lose and when I win — not in the victory share defeat? Of the dispute wouldn’t be good for you as a couple. But you still continue to argue. Sometimes it seems that things are getting out of control, but you would be mistaken: when you stop arguing, you will see that it brings only destruction. When you have principles, no need to argue with anyone about anything.

7. Listen

The woman needs to have someone listened to her, cared for her, could be behind her, to be close, to be able to complain and laugh together and get support. All these questions to you! Learn it all, and the relationship will go to the mountain. When you learn to listen to it, you will understand that it is not the most important thing in a relationship.

8. Develop trusting relationships with other men

Women are great, but they can not and should not meet all our needs. Therefore, in our life and need a man. Not only friends who are pleasant to have a drink together, watch the game, etc. Need trusting relationships with friends who will be with you for life, will help you to recognize his mistakes and to listen to you when you something goes wrong, you will be able to see their own shortcomings, which can even risk your friendship in order to be honest with you — and you’re ready to make in response all the same. These relationships, this support will help you change your life.

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