Pride: to be or not to be


Pride is an ambiguous thing. It is often regarded as a synonym of self-esteem and therefore believe that to have pride is necessary for any man. However, there is another opinion — that pride brings only harm and blinding people. That’s a difficult question to solve it, let’s traditionally use as an example.

Remember Caesar? No lettuce, no, the Roman Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar. We often turn to the examples of the guys from ancient times: we Alexander the great, king Saul, and now this guy. Just for example, the explanation is much clearer. So, Julius Caesar. He was an outstanding leader. So, a dictator — but he was a very talented ruler and turned Rome into an Empire. He knew how to play political games, and be able to focus on its own priorities. However, this remarkable man was one drawback: Caesar was the more proud. He was too proud to admit that his leadership style was too harsh and ruined the rest of his life, that he was in danger and that even the most reliable soldiers thought about the reality.

How could he ignore all this? It’s very simple: he is blinded by pride. Pride didn’t give Caesar to understand that he’s not perfect, he makes mistakes that he does not see things beyond their noses. Perhaps he thought: «How am I, great Caesar, could be wrong?»

However, he was wrong, and repeatedly, but was too proud to admit it and continued to be too proud, while others thoroughly not received (this dude even considered himself a God think, what does this mean?). In short, the result of Brutus sent Caesar to the hereafter.

A real man admits his mistakes

Pride can be for the husband and with great dignity, and the big disadvantage. I would be ashamed if my son did not have enough pride to stand up for himself, when he get some idiots, or if it would be easy to influence. But I would be ashamed if my son wouldn’t be able to pull some things on the brakes and, for example, not to take revenge for stupid jokes.

A real man recognizes that can do something wrong. Respected him for it, especially if he admits a mistake with the best intentions. Incidentally, to say, «I screwed up» is worth a lot, especially when you know that a mistake will be punished.

Want you’ve been treated leniently? Immediately report their errors. If you’re just stupid and make mistakes of stupidity, that’s another story. This can only accept.

If you’re too proud to admit that we were wrong and here begins the vicious circle: lies, objections, excuses, etc. — and all this shit grows from the size of a fly to the size of a dinosaur with a cosmic speed. You’ll get confused and won’t be happy that stirred up this mess. You don’t need that, man.

Bill gates is also wrong

Big businessmen, too, are mistaken. However, they admit their mistakes, swallow the pride and change their opinion or strategy, if you think it will benefit them. Remember Bill Gates? At first, he thought the Internet just a passing fad, but then admitted his mistake and refocused his company and what he has now?

Too often, even very smart men refuse to admit defeat and change the direction of its activities. This is stupid. This is not the case. Pride in such circumstances is too expensive. What if gates did not admit his error and would have rested a horn in the ground? How many billions he would have lost? You can’t afford it?

Pride is the enemy is a missed opportunity

Pride is a powerful thing. She can make people do very strange things. Even in the lovely ancient Greeks have a story about a proud man who lost his wife, the beautiful Helen who had been taken to Troy.

Pride overshadows your mind, it makes a reasonable person to go on about the emotions. In a fit of pride is taken the wrong decisions, everything seems at the wrong angle. Pride robs you of the opportunity to see the full picture because you’re immersed in their own point of view.

In the end, if you don’t curb yourself, you will turn into a sad, old — you have seen any of these buses: they are constantly unhappy, and if they accidentally stepped on the foot, they make a face like they ate donkey shit. Why turn yourself in?

Perhaps pride is the only thing that separates you from success. Seriously. You will be able to succeed in life and to earn much more if you don’t pass up this opportunity because of their bloated pride. Think about it.

When to swallow your pride?

1. When you failed and failed to do what should have been, no matter in what capacity: husband, father, employee or boss.

2. When you don’t know something. We are not born geniuses and don’t have to know everything. Why people use the services of specialists: lawyers, consultants and other guys. Don’t try to look smart if you do not know, just say, «I don’t understand what you mean, explain it to me just as easily as you would explain to a six year old». If you’re going to pretend like I understand what it’s about, it would look silly. Oh yeah.

3. When you need help, admit it. I know that we will never learn to ask for advice, but if you’re exhausted and if your life fell on hard times, maybe it’s time to ask a favor of his trusted friend (otherwise it may cost you to do).

4. When you are caught in a lie. Just admit it, don’t burden yourself with even more lies.

5. When someone smarter than you and he’s giving you good advice. We all like to think we know everything and all the has seen. But face it: you’ll always be a child in the eyes of 50-year old man because he knows more than you. Bite your tongue and listen to the advice of a smart man. Many children can repent of this sin. They say when they would be better primalcode and listen.

When you should remain proud

1. If someone insults your family, your dignity, you can’t come to terms with it. Don’t take your.

2. When help is offered for the wrong reasons — for example, in order to feel better at your expense or then to RUB your nose in it. Better to give up.

3. In the presence of his enemy. Now is not the time to show their own weakness.

4. When it comes to something important to you. If you protect something that defines you as a person, not to swallow the insult. For example, many members of the mafia «Cosa Nostra» refuse to sell drugs, even if it means that their children will eat less. They consider this wrong and stand his ground.

5. When you underestimate. We all know what we’re made of, and most often, we think we get less than we deserve. But when you downright underestimate stand. If you think your work is worth more than her offer, don’t settle for less.

That is today’s lesson?

So, what have we learned? Pride makes men do irrational things. Because of pride the start of the war between the States, and even brothers. Proud of our invisible enemy, she lives in each of us. Learn to control your pride, and you will avoid many of the failures that you, it would seem, was doomed.

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