Press for bacon

press for bacon

We continue our series of posts about bacon. We have already told you that in the West people are very moved and shes mad at bacon. Some Cumacea dudes buy condoms bacon, the other coffins, painted in bacon. In General, do not miss it guys. Now, the subject of our conversation today, too, belongs to this fashion, but it at least is useful.

If you tried to fry bacon, you probably know about its unpleasant features: while the roast is bent and he never wants to straighten. Press for bacon invented just to solve this problem! Just press the pieces of bacon in a frying pan and they look no worse than the ads on TV.

You can even choose different shapes of the press: or the more classic round, friendly or kind in the form of a pig. He and the other equipped with heat-resistant wooden handles, and do the press made of cast iron. Caution, heavy! The legs do not drop! The price ranges from 12 to 14 «baćina» — a normal thing. Buy this happiness is for

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