Prepare your closet for the winter

manygoodtips.com_29.10.2014_EyLSQlCINgntDRemember, we talked about how to dress in cold weather? Probably you want to know more about this when we look at another forecast, and I see from the window as your city hangs a dark cloud.

As you probably can guess, the outfit fully depends on your lifestyle or just spend time: you love to run in the cold or, conversely, sit at the Park with a friend. In General, before doing one of your favorite cases of the cold, spend some time with the selection of an appropriate wardrobe.

1. Active classes

Lovers of winter sports need gear simultaneously lightweight and insulating from the cold. If you love to start my morning with Jogging, you can completely abandon the protective layer, as your body temperature will remain high. A small jog and breathable gear is a guarantee of success.

Of course, this advice is for those guys who have the opportunity to take refuge in a warm and cozy place at any time. If you’re planning to hide in a deserted forest, you will definitely need a warm jacket.

Synthetic fibers are much lighter and will not be strongly felt during power loads, unlike materials made of wool and fluff. Two or three thin layers, a warm jacket and sweatpants – very nice set for an active winter holiday in the fresh air. Don’t forget a hat and gloves!

2. Inactive Hobbies

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The guys that are going to be almost motionless for a long time, you need equipment that is focused on heat retention. If you’re going hunting or ride a snowmobile, it is about you.

If you’re not used to Jogging and doing other fun and active things outdoors, going with us for ice fishing. Here you can help thick insulation layers and air-tight jacket. Make a choice in favor of natural materials. Ask grandma to tie a wool sweater or buy similar at the store.

Other layers are also needed, including on the feet and hands. Wear 2 pairs of socks of different thickness and density, don’t forget warm boots – keep your feet warm. Thin gloves should be worn directly under warm and dense. And can pull better the sleeves don’t need to do anything with his hands.

3. Business evening


Usually business guys won’t stay long in the street. They deliver your ass to the office. Then on the car ride to the restaurant, where to meet, and so on. But suddenly have to meet with an important partner outside the building? You need to know how to keep a business style and not to freeze eggs.

Layering generally is the key. Wear your usual costume, which often go out into the world, don’t forget the cotton shirt and tie. Thin sweater, which will fall on top of a shirt, – let it be cashmere. Cashmere perfectly warm and at the same time remains light and compact. Wool pants can also be classic style and will stand out from the overall image. The main thing to choose the right style.

Find in the store long, heavy wool coat. Put your maximum efforts. Buy thin wool socks that your shoes will not look like cakes. Don’t forget the hat! Believe me, there are delicate hats.

Now a little about the basic things to which you treat this winter:

Goggles: important protection from wind. The dark lens may be necessary if you got a lot of snow and sun.

Scarf: do not neglect this piece of wool, it will protect your throat from inflammation.

Ski jacket: a thing, which at times is more useful and easier favorite parks. It is possible not to worry that you will catch a cold or get wet liver nipples.

Sweater: standard insulating layer. Ensure water resistance and good protection from the cold.

Ski pants: big and reliable, bulky, but very warm and indispensable in the mountains.

Shoes with thick soles: soft shoes with flexible soles, usually waterproof and warm inside.

Wool socks: the right layer for your legs. Can be made from a fairly thin wool/synthetic mixtures, but thick thick socks still better help to hold the air and heat.

Synthetic socks: designed to be worn under warm. Perfectly absorb moisture.

On the basics we already told, but still not forget to buy underwear and don’t scold your friend, if she can handle and will buy you pants. Can safely wear them. Trust me, you will not be alone among my thoughtful friends.

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