Prepare unusual vodka at home

Strange drinks — the buzz, I love strange drinks. Who likes to drink pure vodka or beer under any circumstances, the grandfather! Because grandparents generally conservative and look at everything new with caution. But, again, not always: as early as this morning on the way to work I have noticed the grandfather, busily poking around in the tablet — so a conservative young man even worse grandfather.

If you, a friend, not opposed to experimentation with drinks, it was adventure time. Today we are going to combine in one bottle childhood and adulthood — and in the most literal sense! It will not take you much time and effort, but the order will entertain, and the result will be good and, more importantly, beautiful. We will do a mix of vodka and candy is a great thing for parties, get-togethers, and even for a gift to your bro. Beauty, in General.

vodka with candy

All you need is:


  • Liter of vodka — well, or 0.75. There is already to your taste and color. More precisely, to taste. The drink you choose, based on their personal preferences, but I would advise you not to overdo it with splendour: kind of silly «Beluga» of candy to dissolve. What vodka we had, we won’t say, because for advertising money nobody has given. Which is a pity.
  • Caramels different colors here too, it all depends, again, on your personal taste and color. The only advice: let them strikingly different from each other shades. For example, there are red, green, yellow, pink and blue. So interesting.
  • Empty bottles or bottles. They call them all the same unforgettable grandparents, the thought which runs through our today’s post, the little airplane bottles, glasses or a dram. Here it is appropriate utensils! If you’re a fucking aesthete, I can ride to IKEA — maybe you’ll find that stylish. I did, and still useful.
  • Funnel to pour the vodka in little airplane bottles.
  • The coffee filters are just paper towels: caramel don’t fully dissolve and fall out in shkalik with a finished product. But if you do not care, and it is not necessary to strain.


Step one: sort of caramel in color and taste


As you can see from our pictures, piles do not need to be the same: proportions also you can experiment with. Naprimer, mint caramels, I would have refused to take much.

Step 2: put candy in the little airplane bottles

candy in bottle

Each can be identified, I don’t know, 10 pieces. Danger: the individual instances don’t fit into the throat, so that the necessary equipment and also write down the hammer or what will break caramels. One figure they will dissolve. Once it’s done, you’ll have the little airplane bottles (or Genie bottles from IKEA) with beautiful caramel inside. M-m-m, high.

Step 3: Pour the vodka

vodka caramels

Now we just have to pour vodka into our dram floor candy. Inserted into the neck of the funnel (if you are a wizard can do without it) and pour. It is possible to failure.

In the pictures you can see that vodka begins strongly painted, because of the strong 40 degrees dissolve our caramels. So no need to shake lumplings, nothing — just leave them alone for 8-12 hours, and then go back to your child and find that everything is ready.

At the final stage of preparation, the product will look like this:

vodka with candy

I gave the fuck up and took a couple of similar tastes watermelon and cherry. More precisely, not tastes, and colors. And octaval that you will not be able to distinguish one from the other. Thank eggs, nothing happened: the photo you see that cherry caramels gave the vodka a beautiful red color and watermelon a pink, ecologially so that they cannot be confused. Success!

Step 4: cooled!

cold vodka with candy

Now put modulu in the fridge and wait a couple of hours. Now you can experience what we have.

It turned out pretty well. Alcohol will not disappear, and drink remains strong. And candy did the trick: it seems that you (wow) drink the liquid caramel. In General, I am satisfied with the result and I wish you, man!

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