Prepare the hummus and falafel

Le Chaim, Orthodox! As-Salam alaikum, Catholics! Today we dedicate you to the sacrament of the cooking gods, which, tasted once, you will have until the end of his days. Eat, love, eat! It’s delicious, it’s juicy, it’s incredibly satisfying. This meal and snack, and sauce at the same time. It will make you incredibly full and strong, why, so much protein, dietary fiber, unsaturated fats and iron. It is likely that after that, there is a strong desire to plunge into the study of the Arab-Israeli conflict. But in General, other side effects from taking this food there.

So, what is hummus? In fact, it’s chickpea paste. Chickpeas – this is such a very rich variety of legumes. Not to say that they have chickpeas are insanely delicious, but also filthy, not exactly. In supermarkets and other stores sold vengeance, so find it is not easier than trouble in the quiet evenings gopovskih area.

The first recipe, the classic

manygoodtips.com_18.09.2015_lpLsbiNk2Dyj3Our Rabbi recommends it highly.


— Chickpeas – 200 g;

— Sesame paste (thine) or ground sesame seeds – 1-2 tbsp;

— Lemon (juice) – ½ PC;

— Olive oil – 1-3 tbsp;

— Garlic – 1-2 cloves (preferably without the «evil» parts);

— Spices (cumin, coriander, red pepper) – ½ tsp;

— Salt – to taste.

And also you can optionally add the paprika, olive oil can substitute any vegetable, and sesame or sesame paste to replace a couple of toasted walnuts. This, of course, will be a departure from the classic recipe, but will not be worse.

Method of preparation:

First of all you need to boil the chickpeas. To do this, it must be washed and soaked for a few hours, preferably overnight. Chickpea is the hardest instance among the legumes. So if it not to soak, cooking turns into a long painful process which can only be compared to watching the matches of CSKA in the Champions League. And if you soak overnight, you will have to cook for not more than an hour. When beans are soft, then the chickpeas, and is considered ready.

Cooked chickpeas with part of the broth in a blender grind or passed through a meat grinder with small holes until smooth.

Next, mix the mashed chickpeas with salt, garlic, lemon juice, spices and sesame paste. By the way, if the paste does not, it is possible the grains of sesame fry in a frying pan and then grind in a coffee grinder. So, accordingly, don’t forget to pour in notnow (not to be confused with boring) pasta.

Cumin, incidentally, also suggest to dry the pan and grind in a mortar or coffee grinder to the grain was got in the space between the tooth and gum.

Suggest spices, lemon juice and sesame paste add gradually and adjust the amount to your own taste. Some maybe prefer have the hummus by adding more lemon juice or oil.

Preferably the finished hummus keep in the refrigerator for at least an hour so all the ingredients are «friends» with each other.

And then call friends, set the table with olives, pickled cheeses, buy some delicious hot pita bread, dip in the… Oh, wait, the pita bread is delicious, but it is more kosher component falafel.


manygoodtips.com_18.09.2015_8te18tidXtifMFalafel is another dish made from chickpeas. Well, like in that region of the chickpea can’t live without him. Well, nothing grows anymore. If Belarus is legendary like the first, second and dessert is entirely made of potatoes, in relation to countries in the Middle East, it is logical to substitute the potatoes for chickpeas. But trust me, pancakes of chickpeas with a bit of sugar chickpea sauce is incredibly delicious.


— Chickpeas – 1 Cup;

Onion – half head;

— Chopped parsley – quarter Cup;

— Garlic – 1 clove;

— Black pepper – pinch;

— One teaspoon: ground coriander, cumin, salt;

— Seeds of 1 pod of cardamom (ground);

— Wheat or pea flour 1-3 tbsp;

— Sunflower oil.

Method of preparation:

As in the case of hummus, soak, cook, turn into a puree, add the spices and sculpt balloons.

Heat up sunflower oil in a deep frying pan. Falafel don’t have to cook deep-fried, that is, when fully immersed in oil. You can flatten the balls and make patties that are fried in a small amount of oil. But the classic falafel is cooked in deep fat.

When the balls are browned on all sides (5 minutes later), take them with a slotted spoon and allow to drain oil.

In fact, if you and a friend decided to throw a «sausage party» watching «you don’t mess with the Zohan», and the body tired of dumplings, sausages, chips and unwholesome food, is the middle East the combination of the chamber will make your taste buds as a Palestinian bomb. With beer, of course, is not Halal, but very tasty, the main thing that faith allowed. Believe me, it is possible to saturate a very friendly family. Here’s a look at the video that was sent to us by our regular reader Boris from Moscow. Look how he and his friends happy. And not because of the singing of Boris, he on the contrary… They are happy, because the taste of the falafel, so sing along. We hope you had as much fun as these wonderful people:

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