Prepare the cider house

manygoodtips.com_20.08.2015_FMO1v0OFRzlceThe cider is not sweet water for posh boys. Cider is a whole lifestyle, he appeared in the early middle ages and was loved by Charlemagne. Although it is believed that the fermented juice of apples drank before. Its strength depends on the manufacturer. This is usually 3-6%. In addition, based on it to make it even more hellish swill – Calvados, the fortress of 40%. In General, the use of the drink is obvious, the Celts approve it, and we have it produced before the revolution, excellent, and what is most cool – you can do it yourself without spending any serious resources.

Cider from what is in the store


– 2 packets of Apple juice;

– 2 tsp. yeast SAF Levure;

– sugar for carbonation;

– 5-liter glass jar;

– containers for bottling, suitable plastic bottles, but glass is better;

medical glove.


Before you make cider, and wash all containers. Fill the jar with water and dissolve in it a few drops of iodine, let stand. You need to kill harmful bacteria, otherwise, your cider will taste terrible.

Solutions 2 tsp. yeast SAF Levure (you can find them in any store, your mom’s pies with their help Ada) in warm water that you previously poured into a sterile beaker. Let the yeast activate, it takes about 10-15 minutes.

Well, in the meantime, the evil iodized water from the jar, rinsed again with water from the tap and pour the juice from the packets. You have 4 liters of juice, then a little empty space in the tank should remain – do not fill it with anything.

When the yeast is activated, you can safely throw them in a jar. The sugar in the juice, filled with yeast need not be added. In the juice and so contain their own sugar and will feed yeast. In General, all you have to do is close the bottle opening of the medical glove in the same way as you put the gloves on his hands.

Tip: spoil with a needle a couple of fingers in the glove. This is done in order to capacity out the excess carbon dioxide.

All it should take you about 15 minutes, but it’s only the beginning. You need to leave this jar of weird-smelling liquid for a week or two. Active fermentation begins 2-3 days after you added the yeast. The glove has «become,» the sugar contained in the juice, will be mercilessly eaten by yeast. Don’t worry about what the juice has become cloudy. It is best to put the jar in a quiet place, where the temperature is close to 26 degrees. If will be very hot, the yeast will die if it is very cold, they just are not activated. Sometimes it is necessary to come and see what’s going on with your cider. When you see that the fermentation has come to naught, and at the bottom banks a serious yeast sediment, it’s time to pour the cider in the bottle.

Application: generally, drugan can pass quickly if your house is warm enough. So don’t think you’ve ruined the drink, if you had 4-5 days. Nothing is lost. If you’re still sure cider not virtuous, add a spoon of sugar and wait a few more days.

So, your own cider is almost ready. There are very few. Carefully pour the drink from the jar into the bottle. You can use a regular siphon for drinks. Add in a bottle of cider the final touch is a spoonful of sugar per liter. So drink carbonitride (saturated with gas), appears cool foam and the like. In this state, put the bottles in a cool place and leave for a week.

Well before use and do not forget to cool in the refrigerator. The cost of this drink is very good: 250 rubles maximum.

More proper cider

manygoodtips.com_20.08.2015_Ex4lbCqx8vhVtCider is still Braga in some way. Varieties of it are numerous, and in Britain there are entire pubs, which rely only on the cider. So you can find just a huge number of recipes for home-made cider. But we will bring you the easiest. Experienced igrodely recommend «Antonovka» as the most suitable varieties of apples for cider production in Russia, it will do just that.


– apples, lots of apples, more Apple varieties Antonovka;


– wine yeast (will have to order online);

– 5-liter bottle (but you can take capacity much more, at least 30 liters);

– containers for bottling;

– fructose (instead of sugar).


The process is almost identical, with some exceptions. Again wash all containers using iodized water. My apples, if you bought them in the city store, and not mine, if you picked them from the tree. The fact is that a yeast in the second case may not be necessary, but in the first I would not dare.

Similarly, wine yeast dissolved in warm water or warm juice. Let aktiviziruyutsya.

Begin making the cake. Grind the apples in a meat grinder (to hell with your newfangled liquidiser!), fill the tank column at 2/3 volume. Add raisins, although this is not necessary, but it will be faster to ferment. The cake, by the way, should be large enough finely chopped apples do not provide sufficient amount of juice.

If you want cider stronger add fructose 100 grams for every kilogram Apple pomace. Add yeast and leave it under a gauze bandage for a few days. When you separate the juice and the flesh will rage on the surface, pour the whole thing into another container, carefully squeeze the Apple pulp. Now you have fermented the juice, which must be put under water seal or under the glove, as in the recipe above. Wanders, let it «dry up» until the process is finished completely. This is usually a week or two.

Cider is almost ready. Followed by the usual carbonation in the bottle. Do the same as in the previous recipe, but in this case, do not try with sugar, otherwise the glass can burst. A week in a cool place and drink already!

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