Prepare punch if waiting for guests

Why do we need punch? Different, sure, but there between this drink and entertainment durable bunch – that’s what we interpret. It is always more fun, even if you’re drinking, because there are plenty of non-alcoholic options, but with alcohol too. In General, if you are invited for a weekend of great company, and all alcohol is not enough, be smart – all done good punch.

1. The punch of artillery Catoma

Let’s start with handshaking, which should be the host of any party, when he invites to his house guests. With this punch we met recently. Literally yesterday. We just turned on the movie «midnight in the garden of good and evil» in 1997, where we waited for the drink. Clearly, the original punch has a story, but we chose to take the option with the movie, and why not?


– 3 pieces of juice;

– 7 parts of all that was on hand (rum, brandy, whiskey).


1. Pour all the ingredients in one bowl.

2. Mix well (blender).

3. Sit down at the piano and entertain the party guests.

2. Russian punch

What we used to call friends when you first started Dating? Of course, «tea.» And indeed, it is rare when a casual feast which shows the hospitality of the owner of the house, dispenses mugs of strong tea. That «Russian punch» about it. Warms you up, makes you think about the birch trees and the fields, and the infinity of Russian melancholy.


– 11 parts of strong, hot tea;

– 2 parts lemon juice;

– a few slices of lemon;

– vanilla syrup (20-40 ml);

– cinnamon;

– carnation.


1. All the ingredients (except lemon slices) are mixed.

2. Allow to steep for 7-10 minutes.

3. Poured into mugs and decorate with lemon.

3. Invigorating punch

And if it’s morning, and before you did that walking, then do yourself a coffee punch. He will cheer up and warm up and cheer.


400 ml strong coffee;

– 100 grams of sugar;

– 100 ml cognac;

– 50 ml of rum.


1. Put in a pan (flat bottom) sugar, poured his brandy and rum. Ignite.

2. Pour in hot coffee as soon as the sugar has dissolved.

3. Drink and enjoy in the morning.

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