Prepare Limoncello

Limoncello is perfect! One of our favorite actors, Danny DeVito, also loves it. In fact, we learned about the virtues of this liquor it is thanks to this comical figure that recently delighted us in the show «always Sunny In Philadelphia».Limoncello is a liqueur based on the simplest and lemons. The Italians are confident that between the genius and simplicity is a sign of equality. Such is their kitchen. Special popularity enjoyed Limoncello in southern Italy (Amalfi, Capri, Ischia, Sicily, Sardinia), but consume this drink far beyond the state of pizza and lasagna. The culture of eating is simple: drink before meals, drink after meals, drink during the meal, use in cocktails and added to desserts. As containers for drinking use ordinary stack pre-chilled in the freezer.

And move on to the most important question of this Friday: «How to prepare your own Limoncello liqueur?»

Quick and easy! And the details are below, dude. hopes you this drink will love!


– 8-10 lemons;

– 500 grams of fructose (you can substitute regular sugar);

– 500 ml of alcohol fortress 95-96%;

– 650 ml of pure water.


1. The principal recommendations. Limoncello making is simple, but that doesn’t negate the fact that even such simple components, like lemons and water, should be treated with extreme caution. Do not use water from the tap. Usually it is stiff and not known for its quality, better buy distilled. Try to find high quality lemons. It’s actually quite a difficult process, because they are often coated with a wax that we absolutely do not need to prepare as you will use just lemon peel. If you find normal lemons do not, then douse them with boiling water and carefully wipe dry with a towel.

2. Then it’s simple. Remove the zest from lemons, not touching the soft white part, which can make the drink bitter.

3. Put the zest in a normal jar and fill it with alcohol. Sealed, placed in cool and dark place, and insist within 7 days.

An important addition! Don’t forget to shake the infusion 4-5 times a day.

4. An entire week passed. So, it’s time to take a cheesecloth, squeeze the zest and strain the tincture.

5. Make a syrup. To do this, dissolve the sugar in our distilled water using a saucepan on a slow fire. Do not bring to a boil.

6. Cool syrup to room temperature and pour it into our infusion at the lemons.

7. Limoncello is ready! But we recommend you forget about it for a couple of days, placing in the fridge, and then taste it, seriously pre-cool the liquor in the freezer.

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