Prepare for the Apocalypse with a Tomahawk, 6.08.2013, yn4jLpwdwuZaO7NvRWz4MYJUnQ1qwd6x

Machete, axes, spears, chainsaws, Katanas, hammers, knives — all these types of weapons known to the people as a great way to kill a few zombies, but for some reason many people forget about exotic weapons for this purpose! How wakizashi, bastard swords, Morgenstern and Tomahawks? After all, they, too, can be quite successful to fight off the risen dead! Why do we forget about these weapons? Personally, we do not forget to present to your attention a Tomahawk vs zombies.

As you know, the Tomahawk can pretty good throw, and how to hack them. It’s time to play cowboys and Indians with zombies! Tomahawk CQC-T Emerson Design Tomahawk just for these occasions. Quick, easy, convenient — that else is necessary for happiness?

The tip of the hatchet — 19 inches, length of handle — 85. High quality steel blade is also stated by the manufacturer (USA, no Chinese). The thickness of the blade less than a centimeter.

The weight of the Tomahawk is 454 grams. Great for throwing, man! Includes a handy nylon case. Price — $ 300., 6.08.2013, xGnaHEndm0SmHEdJe0Re8C1JTkiid5Pn

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