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You know that many (even very strong) guys fall into prostration when in the kitchen. How many dangers in this small room! How many unknown waiting for you on this site! Without proper instruction you risk to finish the evening before he will start at the nearest emergency room. Let’s try to avoid tragedy and find a few recipes that will help you to surprise and please your lady.


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Doctors in one voice say that Breakfast should be thoroughly: the meal charges us with energy for the whole day. You prepared the Breakfast will please any girl regardless of whether you’ve been Dating for a few years or is it just a headstrong girl who decided to stay with you for one night. So, prepare a solid Breakfast.

For this you will need:

2-3 potatoes;

1 bell pepper;

half of the bulbs;

2 eggs;

6 pieces of bacon;


1 peach;

1 banana;

1 Cup of yogurt;


¼ Cup of milk.

So what we’re doing. Peel potatoes, cut into thick slices (it’s faster) and put on to cook. At this time we simmer the peppers in with the onions and bacon. When the Yam is ready (don’t be shy, poke it with a fork!), transfers it to the vegetables and cook with them for a few minutes. While they walk until cooked, fry the eggs (quick and easy, three minutes!). Then spread on a plate the vegetables and top have eggs — right?

If you still have power on the strip, why not do it? Take all of these us fruit (attention! Inside the peach pit, it is necessary to pull out!) and throw in the blender. After them sending yoghurt, milk and honey and whisk well all this wealth.

If it is not satisfied, escape immediately!

Hot sandwiches with ham and cheese

hot sandwiches

Perfect for lunch or a bite after the bar. Lightly baste the bread with butter (attention! One sandwich will have two slices!), fry in the pan, flip and put cheese on top. While it will melt, heat up a frying pan on the ham, put it in melted cheese and cover design with the second piece of toasted bread.



Despite such an exotic name, it is very easy to prepare. Fajita is a dish of Mexican cuisine, which is a sliced meat and vegetables, fried in a skillet. Imagine how surprised your friend when he finds out you can cook overseas delicacies!

For this you will need:

2-3 peppers;

1 onion;

1 kg of chicken.

Cut into strips pepper the chicken, onion — half rings. Take two frying pans, one sauté the vegetables, on the other — the chicken. This is not to be mistaken and not fooling when to the chicken add the vegetables. Then combine contents of the skillet and dinner is ready! You can experiment and add to the vegetable pan with the mushrooms, beans, corn — whatever. Fajita like omelets and pizza, where you can add everything lying around in the fridge.

Chicken teriyaki

chicken teriyaki

Sounds good, right? There is nothing complicated, but you absolutely will have on his lovely girlfriend experience. How it sounds: «I made you chicken teriyaki»! So what do you need?

1 kg chicken Breasts;

compote of pineapple (sliced);


teriyaki sauce.

The trick is that before cooking the chicken marinate in teriyaki sauce for two hours, but we’re not going to suffer this nonsense? Just make sure you grate the chicken before you put it in the oven. When our bird is almost ready, put on each piece with a slice of pineapple compote. Once you master this, start boiling the rice. Highly recommended to you, dude, choose your rice bags: there’s no way he can not be soft after boiling to stick and burn to the pan. Just put the tea bags into the water and follow the instructions. When the chicken is ready, put it on top of the rice. Now who Nesmachniy loser?

Bruschetta with tomatoes and Basil


And my God, bruschetta! I would have written «hot sandwich», but found out that he has a more sonorous name. Now, you have probably realized that good food must be complicated to prepare. But your girlfriend continues to let you consider tuberculinum! So what do you need at this time.

4-5 tomatoes;


a bundle of Basil;

olive oil;

head garlic (or garlic salt).

Cut into cubes the tomatoes detached from Basil leaves, pressed garlic in a garlic crusher and mix it all in one Cup. Cut the baguette from the nearest bakery and lightly wetted it with olive oil. Bake the bread in the oven or toaster until Golden, and then we put it on our vegetables. Ready!

Vegetarian salad


In General, lettuce is another name for a heap of fresh produce piled in a bowl. If your friend, as is often the case with girls, loves healthy food, and even vegetarian (the girls often feel sorry for the animals), is just what the doctor ordered. You will need:

package of spinach;

Cup nuts (can use any except pine; pictured — honey pecan);


cheese «brie»;

olive oil.

Cut the peach and cheese and mix with the remaining ingredients. Dressing, salt, pepper and you’re done!



Simple, pasta. It will be able to do every bro! And if they are competent to decorate, then your friend that they can be so delicious. For the pasta you need:



1 red bell pepper;

1 zucchini;

1 bottle of red wine.

Slice zucchini and pepper and saute them in the pan with the ketchup while you cook the pasta. When the pasta is done, throw them in a colander and then combine with the sauce in the pan. Voila!

The perfect addition to your culinary masterpiece will be red wine and cheese «Parmesan». All ingenious is simple!

Steak with a side dish of asparagus


If she likes steak, then congratulations, you found a real woman! Then you can cook her a fancy dinner, using the following ingredients:

2 steak;

packing asparagus;


Fry the steak in the pan, until it reaches a smooth brown color. Ideally, it must turn over only once. Remember: this animal died for your ladies, spoil meat cannot in any case! Asparagus also grill it or, alternatively, zapiki in the oven.

Matches perfectly with the steak is a beer. So if she likes meat, she probably loves this good drink. Choose something to your taste.

Wine and cheese

wine and cheese

Even if all previous attempts to cook have failed and you realized that you even a kilometer can not be allowed to the kitchen, you have a backup option, including:

1-2 bottles of red wine;

1 package of cheese «brie»;

1 pack of crackers (the better the cheese, the easier it is crackers);

1 Apple;

1 peach;

1 bunch of grapes.

Slice cheese and fruit, laid out on a plate of crackers, get a couple of glasses — and it’s done. Even a simple dinner can make your friend a good impression and to please her.

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