Prepare for failure, you will surely get failure

I sincerely wish you to take the shit, trust me, you just need. This article does not bear the purpose to justify all the losers of the world, she’s just trying to dispel sadness, longing to dissolve the adversity of life and business feil, and at the same time explain to you, idiot, why no victory did not live a day. Knows bird, titmouse, and forest ezhevichka that no ordinary failures to live with dignity.

The failures must be treated respectfully, in peace. But if on every occasion to twitch, it could soon head to move. Remember, if you don’t want to end up in the madhouse.

Because failures are inevitable

manygoodtips.com_16.09.2016_AoeCsdZdVzSuBWell, no man on earth who never has, and didn’t feel sticky on the lips, sweet, unpleasant taste of failure. So statistics life — mistakes happen more often than good luck. Though there is one group that does not know what the failure is entered into a contract with the Devil.

And then there are genius people different from other vertaleta. Maybe if we all had the same ability, then the world would be fairer. But in reality, there are lucky losers, those who are nominated for Oscars like Jack Nicholson every decade, and those who are not nominated never. There are those who every year picks a winner in the form of non-ferrous metal on the chest, and there are those who want to get at least ten.

It was and will be, and nothing to do about it. Someone is always inferior to an equal fight, as the football team of France Antoine Griezmann, lost in one season two finale, and someone has talent but not genius. This does not mean that person does their job, no, it’s just he doesn’t have that gift that lets you become a legend. Has not developed, it did not happen is secondary.

It is important, but how you treat your lesions. And the one who periodically gets a taste of success, and the one who always on the sidelines need to accept defeat with great dignity. We need to understand that this is not the end of the world. Even the most successful person will tell many stories when life was returning to it is not the most beautiful place. The life of Abraham Lincoln is a story of constant struggle with setbacks. From a historical point of view, his victory is invaluable, but from the point of view of human, so it would be better to die a natural death, and do not lose loved ones. Simply put, to quote a great, we can say that it is better to sleep in life, and will not suck than a lifetime to please this cruel bitch.And in order to errors was less need to simply to analyze the situation, to seek the causes of the error so that in the future not to repeat them. After all has been said many times, failure is the best science.

Glory is ephemeral

manygoodtips.com_16.09.2016_l14YmKHzEz2gDAbout our glorious victories? Well, you won, and then what? Let’s say, history is written by the victors and the defeat no glory. But in the triumph of good is not as much as it may seem. Remember though the participants of the Eurovision song contest or Olympic Champions. Before and after the triumph they talk about it as national heroes, and after? And then the total entropy nor hearing anything, as there was fanfare and nasty noisy adoraci from leading variety talk show.

As the Romans said «Sic transit gloria», or our «Glory fades.» At such moments, the winners are not very different from the defeated. So ask yourself, worthy of your triumph of such attention, or so, series victory over a weak opponent? Just from your success you don’t have to inflate the airship. What if the price of victory is not much different from the price of defeat.

The obsession with wins imprisons

Including a period of 15 years in a strict regime colony. But about all under the order.

When the only measure of a man is his number of wins in the brain occur in not very good transformation. People lose skills, lose the skill, which makes it flexible, allowing you to withstand the onslaught. The obsession with wins creates the most disgusting feelings: jealousy, hatred, lies, pushes people to betray even the closest.

Then, in such winners in life find blood doping, 9 billion in cash in their home, they recognize a rigged, corrupt call, saying that they sing under the plywood, and then Nagiyev calling them in his Instagram.

Obsession deprives a person of liberty, including the obsession with victory. And there to the complexes nearby, nervous breakdowns, baldness, changes of orientation — in General, a complete set. So no need to rush to make Paustovskyy a deal with the devil, even this does not guarantee victory. The ability to appreciate his triumph and to a greater extent the ability to play — that’s what strengthens us, and does not allow him to become Governor of the Kirov region or Britney Spears, which is not very well done.

Failures make us stronger

The good guys often lose, that’s life. But this does not prevent them to be good, which ultimately is much more important than titles and diplomas. As it turns out: the society is rotten, the characters are good, others — most of them too vile. And how would the hero trying to be positive and fight with society, a rotten society is still stronger, crushing weight, so to speak.

But that does not give a good guy to slide into the ravine of spiritual phimosis, and become a loser? What power does not allow him to apply the rot of the human and to enter the ranks of the cruel herd? It relates to setbacks philosophically, again, he learns from them. But he didn’t just learn from their mistakes to avoid them next time. Those feil doing better, teach empathy, kindness, and a basic understanding that shit does not come alone, he takes with him his friends, and falls on the head in the most unexpected moment. And this attitude is perfectly strengthens the spirit and allows you to find common language with a mad society. Good guy getting better, he improved and reduces their abilities to the absolute while maintaining spiritual strength (not to be confused with violence). But how else? You need to be able to say «no», otherwise trouble is inevitable.

A good guy is a epic hero, a doer of good, and always comes back for revenge, because without failures, without defeats, without having to plunge into the shit. Lev Ivanovich Yashin said that would not be a good goalkeeper, don’t miss it a hundred humiliating, almost children’s splash. If you don’t now the author, trust the meter.

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