Prepare as God: peasant life hacks for the kitchen

In the post about fat, we said that the best cooks — men. Men must be able to cook: first, this demonstrates the independence, and second, to attract fragile and not very girls. I have always been puzzled man, who lived alone and ate the dumplings, the macaroni. I have nothing against one or against the other, but is that cooking? Normal guy normal cooking and not waiting until the woman pays him a VAT of soup. He cooks a soup that the woman licks the fingers to the elbow. How to become an ACE? To do this, as it does for all, there is life hacks.

1. My hands

No, dude, I don’t think you are a fool and does not wash hands before preparing food or before eating. To wash hands it is also necessary in the cooking process: after you cut raw meat or fish, you’ll be dealing with raw eggs. All that you need to avoid being sick: Salmonella is never the way.

2. Two cutting boards

For the same reason, it is extremely important. One Board for raw meat and fish, and another Board for vegetables, herbs, cheese and other non-contagious things. Well, if the boards are different, not to stand and not blunt, wondering what to cut.

3. Not perezhivai vegetables

Once the vegetables in the pan will start to change color, immediately take it off from fire, to protect them the maximum nutrients, flavor and all the juices.

4. Heat plates

Imagine how tasty a hot meal cools down in the cold plate. Cools down quickly! Anyway, this hack will help to impress a woman with foresight. Preheat oven to approximately 100°C and briefly send the plates. Attention! Plates should be teplopoteri!

5. Oh no, not margarine!

Don’t know what people find in margarine. Why did it spread on bread? Little cholesterol? And the taste does not bother you? Why is it fry and add it to mashed potatoes? It tastes so bad. In all cases, when you want to add margarine, consider a better alternative in the form of butter or oil. In a smoothie, of course, figachit cream: it’s here, more than anywhere else. Fire away on the plant: it is designed for this. Fry in butter and margarine — a lot of women over fifty, which is the heavier, the better. And we still have a whole life to live with this liver, and these vessels.

6. Garlic add in the last turn

Garlic has a very specific aroma that will adorn your dish. One caveat: don’t put it too early. He’ll either burn or lose flavor and aroma. If you put the garlic in the pan first, man, you’re doing it wrong.

7. Buy cast-iron frying pan

It is a difficult path, but worth it. First, a cast iron frying pan road. Let. All good things cost money. But she better gets hot, stays hot and the food it retains more flavor and gets a crispy crust. Before use over this frying pan will have to guess: you bake it with salt, and then grease with vegetable oil. Then everything will become easier, and a cast-iron skillet, like good wine, will only get better.

8. Shallots

These bulblets smaller than an ordinary onion: just look in the store — and be sure to find them. Why are shallots? First, it is more fragrant and spicier. Isn’t that need an onion? Secondly, very often in a dish you need to put so much onion that this need is covered with one small onion. If your onions are large, you only use half and the other half send in the refrigerator until better times. Unlike cast iron skillets, a bow is not like good wine and deteriorates over time. Why waste the product?

9. The skillet should be hot

When you add in the frying pan just a lot of food, it cools and needs to warm up again. It’s not the best prospect for your future meals. Instead, put the food into the pan gradually, so it stayed hot.

10. Steak needs to rest

Let’s say you have prepared a large piece of meat. Don’t immediately eat it! He should lie down at room temperature for 10-15 minutes, so that it does not leak all the juices when you cut.

11. Don’t try to outsmart the recipe

Think you’re good and can afford to skip a couple of steps from the recipe? Don’t do this. Better not to tempt fate, otherwise then you will bitterly lament myself for a bad result. Haste makes waste.

12. Basic caramel

Tasty stuff that fits everything. On a slow fire, heat the Cup of sugar with Cup of butter, until the mixture turns light brown. Remove from the fire, don’t stop stirring and add a Cup of milk. Vanilla essence to taste — and voila! One piece of advice: be careful, when the mixture is boiling. Robust design, you can burn yourself with molten sugar.

13. Overdid the pepper?

Maybe the top part of the pepper picked up and dropped right in the soup — who doesn’t? I think the food is spoiled? It would have been, don’t you read our advice. Hang in there — add in the food lemon. The acid will neutralize the pepper.

14. My dishes during cooking

This Board has a lot of advantages. So you release a place for cooking and will reduce the number of dishes you have to wash after cooking. Another point: dishes washed much easier when the grease it does not harden and remains anything — to prosohnut.

15. Training

Before you start cooking, put all the food on the table, preferably each in his bowl. So you’re guaranteed nothing will be forgotten and be spared from having to run to the kitchen in search of anything. In a hurry and with the crazy good food not to cook.

16. Pepper mill

First, he wakes up in a meal and you will not need to urgently add lemon. Second, pepper is much more aromatic and spicier.

17. Fatty fried foods

Haku taught me the grandmother who has no idea what the hack. When frying food, wait for the oil to get a good burn. Otherwise the food will absorb it and be greasy. When the pan is hot enough from food begins to stand out pairs, which prevents the oil absorption. Hocus pocus!

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