Prayer, cakes, crimson ring! in any case do not call for anti-religious sentiment, moreover, I’m not even trying to somehow humiliate the Church. Therefore, immediately turn to the FSB agents, who are reading this opus: «long live ROC!»

Now, when the eyes of the security services a bit blurry, go to the main. Yes, I’m actually not an atheist or a heretic, and even a militant agnostic. Let me explain, to avoid misunderstandings, I believe that there is some powerful force and how this force affects all proishodyaschee, life, natural phenomena, and the fact that you found 10 roubles in a public toilet — I can not judge. This is a personal matter of the planet and God, and I’m in such an intimate relationship not want to climb. As the saying goes: «If God did not exist, it would be better to come up with.»

I prefer not to ridicule religion at every step, clogging your page in social networks compromising video drunken priests and news about another ridiculous protest, «men in black» against a certain cultural events. Although every day I want more and more to somehow speak out about this madness. And since I believe in God (mighty power), I think that they have every right to criticize people whose mission, in theory, reduced to the service of the God himself. Perhaps that is why I find it hard to believe in a religion, in the Orthodox canons which I was baptized, as is often the case, without asking my opinion. But actually religion is not to blame. Regular canons, not hard, not very soft. Blame the people who made Orthodoxy is a cover of all my sins. Excuse for all occasions: «the will of God.»

Everyone in my family was baptized, at one time even tried to become believers. There were even a couple of times to partake. However, on the shelf with a Bible adorned with bright, colorful books of Castaneda and other esoterica. All in the spirit of the time: it was pretended to believe one thing but sought God in the other.

In General, normal, when, tired of the endless problems, not knowing what to do and how to live, people rush to religion. And as life becomes harder, then hope for a miracle all the more. And here is more from the 90’s «miracle» was not only legally, but, according to employees of ROC, good for the soul.

If earlier existed the slogan «the People and the army are one», now we can say «the People and the Russian Orthodox Church are one.» Imagine such a lovely situation that I observed in his hometown. Policeman stops the car, and it suited the servant of the Lord, to sell the icon for a symbolic 10 rubles. Of course, the joys that do not write a receipt, you get this wonderful gift, clean the dirty action and get absolution for 10 kills pedestrian.

Simply the Bible teaches us compassion, help each other, respect. But in the framework of God especially help will help. Even their mother. Because, to order a prayer (a piece of paper where is written the name, and then the priest prays for the repose of the soul or, conversely, on health), you need to pay 100 for a name in one of the temples of Moscow. I’m not talking about the rest of the menu, from which it follows that to be Orthodox, well, very expensive. After all, remember about the profitability of a single candle. No? Then let me remind you. By the way, should read the memoirs Nevzorov.

Impressive, not to fast, not keeping any of the commandments, people actively criticize any assault against Christianity. And it concerns not only priests, but also quite a conventional activists. Since then, both in multinational and polirelihiynyy country there is one main religion, becoming the basis of Russian culture, the world abruptly turned upside down.

Insanely happy, when the crowd of Orthodox activists with a profoundly intelligent persons, aware of the prayer «Our father» only the first two words, and about Orthodoxy, «there was a man who turned water into wine», under the guidance of some priest or another Orthodox activist is to prohibit the concert of Noize MC, as it was in Krasnodar. And that all is well. And guys warmed up, and activist, has reminded. However, is it normal that Orthodox activist goes to a synagogue? Probably not.

Nobody cares on God. All to satisfy their needs, earn a notorious moment in the spotlight with all sorts of nonsense. When Etneo satisfied anal clowning in front of the venerable old theatre and requires the dismissal of artistic Director of one of the great artists of the old school theatre, it looks exactly as if the addict on the action «We against drugs» destroyed the substance, just devouring them, absurd, ridiculous and pointless. But the worst thing is that succumbing to the «modest charm of the diocese,» under the banner of ardent activists become quite a decent bored pensioners and mothers with many children. «They are fighting against the moral decay,» they say. «They struggle with common sense!» – screams somewhere far beaten common sense.

And after all this, I don’t really want to be Orthodox. The Lord did not require the sacrifice of practical knowledge and to introduce the lessons of Orthodoxy several times a day. Jesus taught us to live in peace and harmony and not to spit in the face Marat Gelman, as did one of the priests. Scared to associate themselves with the Institute, which has established itself as a repressive machine, and go on great holidays with a crowd of «neo-pagans», which enters into a bottle and will drink every once from a hangover and migraine. What can I say, ask well-dressed, impulsive baptized middle-aged ladies, what is the occasion. She’ll tell you: «Easter». Here is the believing majority.

Uncomfortable for me to stand in the temple in the service with members of the clerical who after communion go in boors to sin with the fairies of selling love. I’m not going to fast, if the priests indulge themselves in the Holy week roasted Piglet. My great-grandmother told my grandfather a funny story.

My grandfather was buddy – page pop. It was the eve of Easter. From all the surrounding hamlets came loaded carts with food and villagers. All waited, when it will be possible to break the fast and eat the coveted belt as fast not very fun. And where are they found? In the house of the priest in the retracted shutters drunk in umat they were playing whist, eating fried pig. But the post has not yet ended. Since then, she avoided the Church side, and never looked back.

What I want to say? Scary to believe, when the priests turned from defenders of the faith in the aggressors. The Patriarch argues that this Orthodoxy? That is, the constant violation of human rights and invasion of privacy is called Orthodoxy? That is, when the group listens to a narrow circle of people, which does not change, banned speech at the club, that is Orthodoxy? I think they need to know a little better the population. But, I just pray somewhere at home. I think that God will not be hurt. I also think that Jesus wouldn’t care if I call him Jesus and remember God in vain. How else it might be? Hot wax and candle-ends he doesn’t care either.

But we still go on Easter to eat cakes. Because we love to look for the festival at all. Believe it or not, most importantly no one impose by force their beliefs. Jesus was trying to make it love. Badly, but didn’t spit the unbelievers and was not sent upon them a crowd of pumped up young men. Apparently, the Templars realized that the love of money for the restoration of the temple» not to make money, and went to extreme measures. But how not to go, if everything from education to culture, undergoes a religious requirement? Therefore, Christ Is Risen! And the country will be strong only when the people themselves will follow legal law. And this does not have to impose the law of God. It takes a little work on yourself and wait until the powers that be will obey these laws.

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