Praise, like a man

manygoodtips.com_28.01.2015_kv01moesprwxjOne of the most effective forms of human communication is praise. We are surrounded by opportunity to use it, in teamwork, in the workplace, in family life, in social activities, even in dog training, and when we do it well, it works wonders. Effective praise can motivate a person to feats of labor, to raise self-esteem or even change the trajectory of the perception of life. At least she is able to make the day better, but only if it’s sincere praise and appropriate. Otherwise it is useless and even destructive. So let’s take a closer look at this simple, at first glance, the thing as praise.

1. The basics

Your praise should always include three elements:

1. The name of the person whom you praise.

2. The reason for which you praise the person.

3. Sincerity.

So you don’t have any issues, we will discuss the situation in more detail.

You should always refer to the person by name, so you show him respect. In fact, for most people the sound of their own name – the most pleasant in the world. The reference by name shows your subordinate, especially if you work in a big team, what do you know about its existence, know his name and that he certainly did not go unnoticed. Therefore, if you start a sentence with someone’s name, you put the right tone throughout the conversation.

If your praise is vague, it can sound insincere. When you go too far or start to spread the idea of the tree people it can respond to something from the «I’m just doing my job» or «it’s not my merit.» And maybe deep down he doesn’t think is worthy of praise, or you suspect that you’re trying to manipulate them.

Consider two examples:

1. «Hey, great job yesterday!»

2. «Basil, yesterday I was really amazed at your work: I noticed that at lunch you had a huge stack of orders and client requests, and when I came back four hours of the day, you took my last paper and completed everything very quickly. Great job!»

If Vasili barely tolerate praise, the first statement is unlikely to be effective. The second statement, however, shows Basil three things: that you know his name, what did you see, and most importantly, noted his successful work and what you appreciate. So, most likely, our Basil will be motivated, he will rise to the mood, and it won’t be once again to relax the bread, there is little that you can see. Sincerity means that you should praise only for what you really are. Earned praise is just flattery, but a real man will not manipulate the emotions of people or use empty praise.

If you cultivate the masculine behavior, will gradually become the person whose opinion is valued by others. Your positive evaluation will have the same effect, how much they respect you. Become more attentive, to look people in the face, look at how he does his job and does really well. Try to feel gratitude, and then say the word. Never try to fake sincerity because honesty is the Foundation of true manhood. Praise only when someone does the right thing, but a real man knows what is right and what is bad, and is not afraid to defend their opinions and right.

2. Complicated course

We will continue to raise the bar, because through experience sincere praise you can actually turn the whole inner world of man. You need to find out what positive trait of his character helps him a great deal with his work. Hard work, patience, skills of team work, customer orientation or a positive attitude – a lot of variants. After you determine the characteristics, it’s time to think about this border in the end of Eulogy.

If the Basil (Yes, the same one from the first paragraph) it’s hard taking credit, he may take such a turn into even more hostility if you’re not specific enough. He will not believe you, and probably thinks that you want to use it. But if you just noticed the specific details and said sincerely, then give Basil a chance to see the best in him through other people’s eyes and perception. And be sure after that it will strive to match the behavior that he expects from himself, and what you want from him. You’re capable of simple heartfelt phrases to raise the individual’s self-esteem, and such a transformation is difficult to overestimate encouragement at the right time and right place, can unlock the potential and enhance performance.

3. Be careful what you say

Praise is powerful, and therefore dangerous. Insincerity, suspicion and negativity. And if you criticize a person who believes that he does everything well and, on the contrary, it deserves praise. This may greatly disrupt a person and deprive him of his enthusiasm for further efforts. Therefore, as in all things, be careful what you say!

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