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At all times and in all cultures of the world the archetype of the Wizard was embodied in the image of a Mature and courageous person who was the real Creator, and not mindlessly consume, but creates amazing things, based on your own taste and vision and forming it modern society.

The ancient philosophers, both in the West and in the East saw rukastogo craftsmen a symbol of humility and confidence, of the people who work for the good of the community.

The ancient Greeks understood this vocation not just a profession masons, potters, and carpenters. Masters called the doctors, and the Ministers of the law, because then it was believed that the basic moral values and the spirit of craftsmanship was inalienable from each other.

But over time this definition has become exclusively technical skill. Doctors and lawyers no longer thought of themselves as masters, but positioned themselves as philosophers and naturalists who were concerned more with theory than practice.

Now, hearing this word, we see in your imagination, bearded man, with the sleeves rolled up, wearing a leather apron. But old traditions can be applied to all areas of your life, no matter what professional field you work. This is another lesson in the art of real courage.

1. Make a quality product, to serve you accordingly

In other words, normally do — will be fine. The fundamental basis of craftsmanship – the desire to do something for its own sake. Of course, the masters paid for their work, but still the main principle of natural born Masters – if you took something, you finish it to the end and properly.

Even if you from morning till night engaged in mental work, and not create by the sweat of wrought iron fences and wooden posts, this attitude will establish you as a responsible employee, because it certainly will not go unnoticed.

Plus the added bonus is a sense of pride for themselves and for a job well done.

2. Plan (but not too)

Any project the Wizard creates twice: mentally and then physically. He understands the importance of planning, but not too whimsical this issue. Instead of detailed drawings of the Master prefers rough sketch, because he knows that unforeseen problems or new opportunities can arise at any stage of work.

You must have an idea about the structure and main aspects of their work, but leave room for improvisation. Careful planning of one’s life is often fraught with traps of broken hopes and disappointments, if scheduled, the road turned sharply in the wrong direction.

Even worse uncompromising attention to all points of the «ideal» plan. This can lead to omission of more useful possibilities and prospects. Keep the Golden mean, followed by the great masters from time immemorial: sketched out a rough plan and make adjustments, acting according to circumstances.

3. Seven times measure – cut once

The most simple and memorable Maxim of life of Masters and contemporary realities do not always find their practical application. At that time, when you leave a place for improvisation, you need to be firmly convinced of the correctness of his decision to cut off what you need and need.

4. Work with what you got

Master is aware that in most cases it will not have the perfect materials, instruments and conditions for work: the tree was eaten from the inside by the termites, the stones have hidden defects, there was a breakdown of equipment didn’t matter, the Master will adjust the circumstances to fit their plans, improvising or acquiring new skills and knowledge.

Failures happen everywhere, from accidents to loss of jobs, but need to be able to take a punch and try to squeeze out of any situation to the maximum, whether it be new opportunities or an elementary experience that will become in the future.

5. Develop patience

A good Master does not throw worthwhile, even if it takes much more time than he thought at first.

A large part of the frustrations in modern life could have been avoided if we had developed such important quality as patience. We want everything right here and now. Ambition and desire is not negative, but the sudden and dizzying success falls on the head only very rare lucky ones.

The reality is that the establishment of a standing business takes much more time than expected in the beginning. And your life will be much easier and more enjoyable if you start to cultivate patience.

6. Let go of your Ego

Master open to constructive criticism and opinions from your colleagues or customers, because this is the main way by which it can improve its work. It does not take nasty comments concerning his work as a personal offense, because he’s more concerned about the quality of their work than of wounded pride.

Modern culture has taught you that it is much more important just to feel good at work than actually do a good job. Self-improvement and career books say that you must choose a profession for everyone. Consumer ethics prevails over the ethics of this skill when you are not able to withstand the ordinary, but a little criticism without going to therapy or soul-searching in the next bar.

You must remember that the only important result, and if it is unsatisfactory, you should be able to admit their mistakes, even if you poke his nose, like a naughty dog, to draw conclusions and to continue further, with a new awareness and twice as hard.

7. Develop practical wisdom

The term «practical wisdom (Phronesis) first introduced the famous Aristotle. Some call this phenomenon the «intuition masters». This notion Aristotle had in mind the ability to make the right decisions, doing the right thing, the ability to distinguish right from wrong in specific situations.

8. The perfection is endless, but still try to achieve it

Mastery is the goal of a true Master. Student devotes years of his life humble observation, then, listening to the wizard, begins his first experiments, and there will be long years before he deserves the honorary title. But even after that, step by step, year after year, he hones and refines your skills and your work.

Some psychologists say that, contrary to popular belief, is not the type of our work leads to personal fulfillment and a real pleasure for us perfectly executed.

In an effort to increase their skills, grow confidence in yourself and your abilities to leave his mark in this world.

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