Practical ways to reduce the costs of your business

manygoodtips.com_11.02.2015_9iqyGfDvs3ZuSThe question of economy was never as prevalent as in times of crisis. Every business owner is looking for ways to optimally reduce costs, and the costs that involves private enterprise. Without finding new ways to reduce these costs, your business will never flourish. Read about practical ways that can pardon your wallet and save a decent amount of money.

1. Freelancers

Every year supporters of remote work and freelancing is becoming more. Convenient schedule, work from home, a choice – all this attracts millions of people around the world. So why don’t you use the layouts for personal purposes? After all, freelancers can help you save money on insurance, sick leave or vacation expenses for each employee. This relatively cheap labor you’ll get to work on a variety of areas: coding and web development, design, copywriting, etc. have a monitoring wages in the cities of Russia and hire an employee who would not be surprised the salary of 15 thousand rubles, because in his city, the average wage is 10. A bit exaggerated, but do you understand the meaning.

2. The internship program

Sometimes the remote worker becomes uncomfortable and inappropriate, because even the most sensible guy is not able to parse a huge pile of papers and documents on your Desk, being thousands of miles away. Contact your local College and offer mutually beneficial terms. If you can interest the right people, you will provide free labor in the form of hungry students. Place ads on appropriate Internet sites, sign for, what’s your perspective and a cool organization, promise the possibility of future employment. Who knows, maybe you’ll find among the candidates a talented and intelligent employee that will be indispensable in your case.

3. The use of energy-saving appliances

Save on everything, what you can save! The bills are first in the list of things that suck money out of your wallet like a goddamn vacuum cleaner. First of all, make a choice in favor of compact fluorescent lamps. Yes, they cost more than regular bulbs, but will last much longer, thereby saving an extra penny in the long run. Secondly, think about switching to energy saving appliances. Again, they are more expensive, but will also help to reduce costs and hang on the door a sign: «Here we care about the environment.» An extra plus is never superfluous.

4. Book virtual office

You have a great opportunity to save on rent, a virtual office, which you’ll effectively conduct business using only the communication capabilities of the Internet. Email, voice and video calls, online conferences, storing and sharing files and much more – all of this you can conveniently arrange to have a productive communication with all its employees around the world.

5. Barter

Barter is an indispensable assistant for small business and an excellent tool for the major players. With the right approach, everyone wins without spending a ruble cash. To offer their professional services in exchange for something useful for your business, it’s also a great way to find new customers and potential partners.

6. Save trees

Do you really think that the company is in urgent need all those copies printed for everyone? Now look at the list of monthly expenses on paper and think again. Dude, it’s the stone age, and in most cases these papers – a senseless waste of finances and natural resources. Online payments, invoices, virtual drives and cloud storage of information is a century gives us almost all that we make your life easier.

7. Look at your contract with the mobile operator and Internet service provider

Are you sure that your tariff plan is the best of all available on our mobile market? How long have you been last time you checked prices for this type of service? Skype for international phone calls, free instant messaging for short messages, landline phone from a neighbor for calls in the city. Try to delight your inner Jew every tiny detail and possibility!

8. Don’t be shy to ask for discounts

Take the bull by the horns, put on a confident face, and directly ask the seller whether he can provide a discount for the small business owner, for business, which is at a nascent stage, but is about to burst into the world of large cash transactions? Who you send at once, and someone promised to think, and others agree – what we expect. Find out about discount promotions and offers in your city, subscribe to a newsletter with interesting information, don’t expect to come to you and will do everything on a platter. As accumulates – and you have dinner!

9. Invest in self-education

If you toad strangling pay for the services of a consultant who addresses issues which with due diligence can solve yourself, don’t pay him anything, and fill in the missing traditional knowledge through self-education. This is the best investment in the long term. Every hour and all your perseverance will definitely pay off handsomely, but a little later.

10. Buy used equipment and furniture

Many large companies openly declare that save up to 60% of the cost of buying b/a office equipment and furniture. You can also pay attention to the cut-rate production. Plus you can always say that this is not ancient stuff of your grandfather, but a real vintage.

11. Uresei the cost of paid software

Currently, there are open free alternatives for almost any product in the market of high technologies. Who searches – that will find, so Google and torrents.

12. Occupy the social network for promotional purposes

Social network is a unique advertising platform where you can praise your product, find new customers and do it all absolutely free. Make pages on all possible resources, add interesy content, watch the growth of subscribers, to conduct promotions.

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