Practical cardio

manygoodtips.com_8.12.2014_NFLc2LLwBoPLZIf you’re a rogue and shake the money for the gym, or just want to get more cardio from the routine of household Affairs and to combine business with pleasure, here’s a few tips on how it can be done.

1. Farmer’s walk

Those who have a cottage or house in the village, should know that before you take a bath, have a good warm up, carrying water from the well. Running to and fro from the well to the bath, you could burn at least 3-4 hundred calories. If you are far from the rural delights of life, you can instead of water as the additional weight to use packages with a week’s supply of food, which you bought in the nearest supermarket.

2. Cutting firewood

800 calories per hour. That’s how much you can burn during normal cutting firewood. This is one of the most difficult and energy-intensive rural Affairs on the farm. Providing the wood stove for the month ahead, you will melt your own oven, burning your fat in the fire lipolysis.

3. Snow removal

Winter is already fully came into its own, subtly hinting to us on this half-meter layer of snow. Simultaneously, becomes relevant in the following way practical fat burning. Intensely waving his shovel in his yard and parallel to catching admiring glances and compliments from the neighbors, you will burn 400-500 calories. And let the neighbors think you’re driven by a love of cleanliness and order, and not a direct personal benefit in the form of conventional cardio training.

4. Forget about the wheels

And generally, any method of transportation, not involving your mnogoobraznye processes. No subway, taxi, Aero plane, teleport. Every time, when you don’t need a strict dress code, you can instead dull taxi ride to sportswear, to stick headphones in your ears and run his business: to pay the loan, buy food, meet friend, etc. not only do you save money on travel and time in the absence of traffic jams, so more spend 550-600 calories per hour.

5. Girls wear on hand

You can, of course, and the boys, but they are heavier and will resist. If you have a girlfriend, and her passion for high heel shoes and long walks, grab it and carry it as you can. Besides, what are you going to look in her eyes, a desperate romantic and a real man, you’ll get your freestuff cardio. Hold for at least 20 minutes in the shoes of a hopeless romantic and can easily be blamed 300-350 calories.

6. Play

People have begun to forget that sports games are one of the most affordable, and most importantly, enjoyable ways to get in shape. An hour and a half playing with friends in football, hockey or basketball – and you win with pleasure 400-500 calories burned. Even if I lose a friendly match, it will still remain in the win.

7. Have sex

But it really is the most enjoyable way to spend calories, while with his girlfriend. You spent the number of calories will depend on the intensity, complexity, training duration, and number of approaches and available shells. Working at an average pace, you can live the meaning of the word «to be a party poop» about 300 calories per hour.

8. Dance

Do not have to turn your life into Indian cinema, where even fight and die dancing. But if you are invited to the club, and your schedule is cardio training, you can kill two birds with one stone, combining the pleasant with the useful. The ability to control your body and move your limbs to the beat of the music is desirable but not mandatory. You can dance like a drunken stripper with Alzheimer’s, the main thing that to you it brought pleasure and did not cause in others a desire to call a priest-exorcist. Just refrain from drinking, because you’re not here to have fun came.

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