PowerSkin is an extension for battery Samsung Galaxy S3 — for men who use smartphones in full

Given the popularity of Samsung Galaxy S3, it is not surprising that the model drew the attention of the cool dudes — the accessory manufacturers had managed to earn a reputation similar products for iPhone, as well as for the flagship models from HTC and Blackberry. This, of course, talking about the company PowerSkin has recently introduced a new protective shell with built-in battery.

A distinctive feature of the new accessory for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the support of NFC technology for quick exchange of information. Moreover, in addition to the protection for the plastic casing of the gadget, the new accessory offers pleasant nuances:

— the on/off button that facilitates the use of an internal battery of the device;

— battery capacity of 1500 mA/h, which extends talk time by 2.83 hours, or 97 hours in the standby mode;

system Smart Power Management that disables the battery case, if your smartphone is fully charged;

— led charge indicator.

The product is made of soft, pleasant to the touch material that helps absorb the shock when falling. The cost of the accessory will be $ 80, so if you have a SGS3, a friend, or do you plan to buy, then think about buying this device.

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