PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator — charge your devices from the hot water

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The cunning guy, invent cool stuff, in my enlightened opinion, just rolls over. Of course, not every bro like to spend your vacations without any means of civilization. Of course, no computer can bear, but if you’re in the mountains drained the walkie-talkie, a camera, you’re going to shoot beauty, or other electronic tripe, it would be a shame. And Hey, there are plenty of guys who love to read and watch something, do they need to deny myself the pleasure?

Carry spare batteries, of course, troublesome. But you can do two things at once, for example, to heat water for personal use… to charge the phone. These guys came up with to turn energy into fire energy for the phone and these guys are doing the same thing, but using the power of water. For me, the benefit of this device is interesting from the point of view of the same Apocalypse: a zombie Apocalypse or nuclear winter.

Device easy to charge everything that has a USB connector. For example, GSM devices, smartphones, tablets, cameras. The generator is fully portable, protected from fire (not surprisingly), moisture, adapted to weather conditions. Charges your device as much as a standard charging: a maximum of two hours.

The cost of the device is 150 bucks.

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