Powerful Meizu MX4

Zaradi.com.ua_22.03.2015_vU7CBSmRg3BjnOur editorial staff likes to give you on a review of various Chinese smartphones. Some of them you have approved, some Khayal came, and some did not read. But our today’s hero can cause either admiration or condescending approval. Name to call it Meizu mx4.

Previous devices Chinese factories have been made so that at a great distance from each other is not very different from the famous Apple plant. By the way, Apple filed a claim to the enterprising Chinese. They proudly answered that they do not hide the source of inspiration, spoke out: «you Have a plan? And we have a plan! So go on.. x, and then we have UE..m». Didn’t come to court, but the fact remains.

But MX4 is not very similar to an Apple product. Apparently, the Chinese learned from close contact with the powerful Corporation. More similar to sworn enemies of the Apple. So, with the Galaxy he has more in common. Well, how else to diversify the monoblock with a large touch screen? The Chinese tried to change the aspect ratio of the screen and narrow frame. But there is a beautiful round button with which you can lock the screen to learn about missed calls and exit the menu. To unlock the screen, tap twice with your finger on it, which means that it is not necessary to carry this phone in the same pocket with other things. You can casually call, which is not necessary.


As for the screen, instead of the standard 1920 x 1080 «mejzu» allows 1920 x 1152. The matrix in the machine – Sharp NewMode2. It’s such a proprietary variant of IPS from the Japanese Sharp. But there is another interesting «feature»: the Response Time Enhancement technology, developed in cooperation with the company Japan Display. It provides refresh rates of images on the screen at 120 Hz instead of the standard for the vast majority of flagship smartphones 60 (in the budget often and do 30).

Due to this, 50% reduced blurring of moving objects in dynamic scenes in movies and games, animations of Android user experience when viewing web pages and so on. In short, the screen gives joy of life and hope for tomorrow. The sensor produces some pleasant emotions. Manage – don’t want to.

Meizu MX4 is the world’s first smartphone based on MediaTek MT6595, so its user gives it such charms use:

– the world’s first chipset with 8-core CPU and integrated LTE modem;

– the world’s first chipset with the processor, equipped with cores ARM Cortex-A17.

To put it simply, it is the most powerful phone on the planet. In the performance rating, developed by AnTuTu (an Tu Tu? Really?), this masterpiece took first place with a score of more than 48,000 points.


As for memory, the Meizu MX4 may be 16 or 32 GB. A classic, gentlemen. During the announcement in September 2014 is mentioned and the 64-Gigabyte variant, but it on sale yet. By the way, the previous «son of the Chinese people» – Meizu MX3 – was the version with 128 GB of memory! But, apparently, the producers felt that superior performance too much.

Capacity built-in Meizu MX4 battery reaches 3100 mAh. According to eyewitnesses, at maximum usage without video views and toys discharged through a day and a half, if you watch the video in Full HD 1080p resolution, it discharges in about 6 hours, if you play, for 5 and a half hours. There are on the market and more persistent companions, but I agree, for the price and with such characteristics it is very, very dignified.

The main camera is based on the matrix Sony Exmor RS IMX220 resolution of 20.7 megapixels (the painfully familiar features, such cameras can be found in the Sony Xperia Z2), due to this maximum sensitivity – at 1 600 ISO, focuses in 0.3 seconds and video shoots in Ultra HD 4k resolution. The front well is a megapixel camera with autofocus so your selfe were clear.

For fans to use a smartphone as a toy is just a gift – even the most fierce and heavy games go without brakes. Eyewitnesses say that after particularly hard and long battles smartphone fingers don’t burn. Thank you CorePilot for it! In General, play with it while the eyes see and fingers moving.

Well, then it’s simple. Software – Android 4.4.2 KitKat, masked a proprietary shell Flyme OS 4.0.3 I, simplifies to the usual Android, but adds its charms.

In General, if hands are pulled to the «maze», out of 24,000 of the ticket of Bank of Russia and is already in place make sure, worth the money, all said a good word about him was a propaganda tool.

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