Poverty is not a Vice

Poverty – stupid condition. And nothing in it good no, who would not say that. Because it binds, minimizes your possibilities, puts you obstacles, and Yes, that shy, degrades the quality of your life. Moreover, poverty acts on your perception of society, great day! But recently we are faced with statistics and found that the number of our compatriots living below the poverty line, is growing rapidly. However, this we knew, and we have no illusions about this was not. People really began to live worse, began to face with those problems about which they had no idea.But pessimism is not a good road leads, and we decided to analyze why poverty can teach, and how it can have a significant positive impact on the future, your specific future. We are not about motivation, but about their own experience and that of his friends, who also had to endure hard times. And although we as before consider that poverty is a silly condition, but sometimes it pushes on cool actions (although most probably on offense).


Know that we remembered in the first place, when they started to think about all this? We recalled our own memories of childhood, of youth, of that time, when money was less than it is now: a student’s daily routine, Breakfast and a terrible economy. Don’t know why, but bad memories almost there – the memory remains only good. Besides, there was always the joy of the small gifts of life. A simple bottle of beer and a simple trip to the cinema with a friend weighed much more than now. Maybe it’s a work of nostalgia, and it wasn’t like that, but now-what’s the difference?

Less stuff – more happiness

There’s a guy, Graham hill (you can see it at the TED conference), who talked about the relationship between happiness and number of things. So, from his point of view, the relationship exists: less stuff – more happiness. He went further and thought that a smaller living area gives more joy than a large one. The latter is difficult to disagree, especially fans of personal space, but there is some truth in this. And this becomes clear when you remember all those moments when you were really happy. Be it money, things or position you place? I doubt it.


I doubt I would let myself now the same that you did in College. There was no money, but they never cared, and adventure it was still possible to find, and they are etched in my memory for life. Depends on the freedom from financial wealth? Yes, depends, because if you have a big wallet, instead of a hike in the mountains, located near your city, you can go on the East coast of Australia the company to the sharks. Money gives opportunities, it’s true. But a lot of wealthy people use these opportunities? Once I started thinking about this and drew attention to the fact that people who can be called travelers, usually have limited financial resource. But the really wealthy guys who know me personally, rarely traveling outside of your comfort zone. A paradox, Yes.

The willingness to take risks

If you are poor as a monastery mouse, then you have produced excellent quality – willingness to take risks. What it is? The fact that the risk is always preceded by a big score, but otherwise no. A stable job with a stable salary destroys the spirit of adventure. And if you look at the biographies of famous personalities, they have always been in the pit before climbing on a pedestal. So imagine the comfort if you’re thinking about how to simultaneously buy food and not to owe on the apartment. However, you’re not the first who faced with this problem, and you’re not the last one who can manage it. Just need to get out of this, but first to think carefully about how.

Great motivation

This, of course, depends on what kind of person you grew up. Hardly drunks that live in boxes, well-motivated people. Otherwise, they would not be drunkards, that we live in cardboard boxes. On the other hand, when you have no roof over my head, and in the pocket the last rouble, then begin to do something for their future wants much more than in a situation with a sofa, a serialchik and a great supply of provisions. This is how to get on a big hot pan: it is unlikely that someone will want to roast it until the end of life.

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