Potato salad


Today we continue the topic of American food and will tell you about one more simple American dish called potato salad. This is the wildest popular dish, seriously, us men love it in the first place for simplicity and satiety. It is quite quickly ran over to us, much has changed, but today we will restore it to the original recipe.

So, dude, for the traditional potato salad you will need:

1 kilo of potatoes (not very old and frozen);

— half a tablespoon of vinegar;

— 4 raw eggs;

— 1 tbsp butter;

— 1 tbsp. heavy cream;

— 4 tbsp fresh parsley;

— 1 onions;

— mustard;

— various spices to taste. Pepper required.

Peel the potatoes and broth, but not until fully cooked, let it be a bit hard. Prove in a water bath vinegar to a boil, break in your eggs, stirring until thick. Get in there butter, bother about. Add cream, parsley, chopped onion, a spoonful of mustard and spices, pour this good potatoes. Let it cool and eat. Ate? Now run swing: the food is too fatty, dude!

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