Pot boil!


Very often we lack a good hot fresh food. Especially at work, and I want to come to pour myself a fresh soup, get a spoon and eat a human being, so that colleagues were jealous. Of course, availability of hot food is not enough sometimes not enough, not only at work. For example, the idea to eat hot hawk in the cinema during a long movie when all around crunched popcorn (and don’t say that only we have such a dream.)

This thermo pot will keep the food exactly the temperature you put it in the pot. Put hot hawk — congratulations, will bring food to your office piping hot, you’ll be at lunchtime there are hot. Put warm, eat warm. The temperature inside the pot remains virtually unchanged for the entire 5 hours.

The pot is attached please and a spoon that attaches securely to it with a magnet. Securely closed with the cover cap from the tube. There is such joy tourist and lover of delicious food — $ 40.

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