Postures of Aretino: Kamasutra Renaissance

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2014_q1w2cDOritV2hStrangely enough, Kama Sutra is not only erotic work, which is intended to teach people to make love fun and right. If you want you can remember a lot of varieties of such literature, which appeared in different countries at different times and managed to get more or less foul condition to our time. «Kama Sutra» of the Renaissance is rightly considered a collection of engravings «postures of Aretino» is a very interesting book, in which you’ll find not only all the famous poses, but pretty interesting pictures with characters from history and myth.

There are several versions of the origins of this book. One of them says that a disciple of Raphael had a big fight with Pope Clement VII, who refused to pay him for work performed. Dude avenged him like a real artist painted hall pornographic pictures of high class. The frescoes were destroyed, but some fans of the guy’s had a chance to sketch and pass them from hand to hand. The other option is much more down to earth: one artist simply and stupidly ordered for painting the Palace. It turned out just good.

Church collection of engravings, of course, were persecuted, but, in spite of what came before us. Pussy, Boobs — what’s not to love? He came, by the way, it is highly edited. The original characters of the engravings were simple people, but «the Postures of Aretino,» they suddenly become gods, historical figures and characters with recognizable details.

What can we learn from these engravings? Though, because the idea of sexual wins and religion and whatever. In addition, they have talent.

1. Paris and Enon


Who they are: Paris — the Prince, whom we owe the unpleasant events in Troy, kidnapping Helen and quarrel of three goddesses over the Golden Apple. In the fresco, however, of Enon, the first wife of Paris, whom he abandoned for Helen. Fool, what to say. And she told him that it was not going anywhere! By the way, she then rushed into the fire, when he learned that her husband died. Or hanged, according to another version.

Posture: the man holds the lady, he is on his knees. The lady grasped his feet.

2. Angelica and Medor

Who they are: heroes of the knightly poem «raging Roland». Roland loved Angelique, and she loved Medora, but it’s all very confusing.

Pose: girl on top, only rolled back. Man holds girl hand shoulder.

3. Satyr and nymph


Who they are: small deities who were once considered spirits. Given to Vice, that is obvious.

Pose: missionary only girl lying on a pedestal on a hill.

4. Julia and athlete


Who they are: Julia I — one of the most depraved figures in the history of the Roman Empire. She had even banished to an island for debauchery, nocturnal orgies on the forums and many lovers.

Posture: a man stands on his hands and bent legs. Girl on top and sits on it backwards, guiding hand.

5. Hercules and Deianeira


Who they are: Hercules does not know ashamed, man. Deianeira, wife of Hercules, who was a tough warrior and fought with a man shoulder to shoulder. By the way, her negligence and caused the death of Heracles, and the blood of the centaur.

Posture: the standing man holds the girl’s thigh. Couple standing face to face, the girl deployed to male an ass, and he holds her hips and leg. The girl hugs the man hands over the shoulders.

6. Mars and Venus


Who they are: God of war and goddess of love. Yes, they were married.

Posture: missionary position Vice versa. A woman is not a rider, but lies as close as possible to the man.

7. Priapus and a female Satyr

Who they are: the Priapus — son of Dionysus and Aphrodite (still the same slut was), was the God of fertility and the donkey won the contest in the length of the member. Worthy!

Posture: the woman is sitting with straight legs divorced. A man stands between them and doing his job, holding the girl’s hips and shoulders.

8. Mark Antony and Cleopatra


Who they are: even Cleopatra and her last lover. A tragic love story, which is so fond of women.

Pose: a man and a woman lying sideways, face-to-face.

9. Dionysus and Ariadne

Who they are: there are many versions of this myth. But the fact that Theseus defeated the Minotaur, leave Ariadne, who saved his thread, on the island, where it picked up the God Dionysus. There is a version that he asked Dionysus, there is a version that it got him into trouble, but there is a version that it it is banal have used.

Posture: the woman relies on the hands, the husband was holding up her hips, and the body sends up. He gets between my legs and doing their dirty work. The woman is in this position the face of the man. What a Joker Dionysus.

10. Briseida and Polien (according to others, Agamemnon)


Who they are: Polien — invented in the XV-XVI century hero like ancient mythology. Briseida one of the heroines of the Iliad, which has got as a trophy of Agamemnon. Because of her, Apollo put a plague on the army of the king who fell in love with the girl and did not want to give her. But I had to.

The position: the woman lies on her back. Booty under her pillow or rolled up towel. Legs raised and kept on the weight. A man stands over the woman, guiding your «UD» to where it should.

11. Satyr and a female Satyr


Who they are: thus, among women, too, was satire. Or among the satyrs, too, were women.

The position: the woman lies on a chair, leans back against the wall or other support. Her feet divorced and up.

12. Zeus and Hera


Who they are: the chief God of the Greek Pantheon and his patient, but jealous wife.

Posture: the woman reclines on the edge of the bed. The man rests his knee on the bed and with his foot on the floor. It is between a woman’s legs, runs and moves.

13. Valeria Messalina and some dude


Who they are: wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius, has become an icon reference dirty trick. Apparently, suffering nymphomania, otherwise, how to explain what she was given in the brothels any free and staged competitions with prominent courtesans on the number of men they can take long? Won, by the way, the champion.

Outside: almost the same as in the previous pose, only the husband is on the floor with both feet.

14. Achilles and Briseida


Who they are: the great Greek hero and his concubine, which he got as a trophy. Despite the fact that Achilles killed her husband and her entire family was portrayed as passionately loved him. Strange woman.

The position: the man keeps the woman in her arms, she grabs his hands and feet.

15. Ovid and Corinna


Who they are: famous poet and author of Metamorphoses. It is believed that the Fundamental fictional woman. Another opinion — a collective image.

The position: the missionary, the man leans on bent knees.

16. Aeneas and Dido


Who they are: Aeneas is a character from «the Iliad» and «Aeneid». It is believed that Troy surrendered, and was pardoned. Another opinion, handed down from Troy with his father on his shoulders, for which he was pardoned. Dido’s lover Aeneas and the founder of the city of Carthage. Committed suicide because of the betrayal of Aeneas, or because were are engaged because of some bad types.

Outside: the caress of your fingers. Oral sex was also.

17. Alcibiades and Glycera


Who they are: well-known politician and a famous hetaera.

Pose: a girl lying at the edge of the bed, one leg husband runs straight up and is doing dirty things.

18. Pandora and Epithema


Who they are: Epithema — Titan whose name would hint (in Greek «thinking after»). Pandora — the woman who released all the troubles of the drawer. A well-known legend.

Posture: the man and the woman lie sideways with legs twisted. Satyr is not required.

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