Positions for anal sex

anal sex

You and your friend talked about this and came to the conclusion that to try anal sex is interesting. You tried, he really has made in your sex life variety, you like. And you decided to practice it more often. Problems, at first glance, no. And on the second? For anal sex like positions. Don’t worry, our bro-experimenter, we can help you with that!


Before you go to the item list, remember one thing: if you have already started anal sex, you can’t just stop and move on to vaginal. Why? The rectum has bacteria that can cause vaginal infections. Not the best consequences.

So if you want to start with one and finish the others, use a condom, so safer. Or if you and your friend trust each other and they are not protected, use a condom only for anal sex, and vaginal take it off.

Also get ready to move slowly and follow her instructions. Let them relax the muscles to make it easier for you to move.

And most important: you can’t just stick it in the anus member. You need to prepare a woman to have sex, make it, no matter what sex it is. Kiss her, do the massage, use your tongue and fingers — to do everything to get it running.

Go through the chimney

Here are a few new positions for anal sex that you can have with your girlfriend when you have the mood to try something new. Remember that these positions can also be used for vaginal sex.

Out first

The woman lies on her stomach, legs apart and lifting the feet up into the air. You settle down on top, between her legs, but support the torso on outstretched arms. She moves hips as soon as you get inside. Move slowly to get more fun.

The position of the second

A woman on her knees and you behind her. Take her waist and lift so that she could clasp the feet of your thighs. When you get into it, it can regulate this process, leaving or approaching you.

The position of the third

She leans on the chair with his elbows. You’re behind her, leaning with one hand on the chair and the other on her buttocks. Lift her leg and put it on your hip. Now we can start. Remember that the leg can be placed at different angles depend on the angle of penetration and sensations.

Fourth position

She stands, leaning his arms on the table (I wonder if he is also mirrored). You’re getting back penetrate into and bend over it, leaning his arms on the table. Or you can put your hands on her waist. If there is a noticeable difference in growth, she can stand on tiptoe or on some stable object.

Fifth position

Lie on your back and she on top of you, just like in the pose of a rider. But here the similarity ends: she needs to sit on his knees, and, say, squat, feet must stand on the bed. Face let him come back where it is more convenient. She needs to spread her legs as wide as possible, and if it will turn back on you, you will see the magnificent view!

And finally

The new position will diversify your sex and bring you a new experience. When there is plenty to choose from, you can always save the novelty in the bedroom (and anywhere else where you are going to have sex).

Always remember that safety is paramount, including in sex. Do not forget my speech about condoms and enjoy new experiences, man!

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