Portable speakers Jabra Solemate


Portable speakers, fashionable novelty for music lovers who like to listen to it everywhere. Ahead of the summer, Hiking and sea, and this means that this portable will be the joy very topic. Jabra Solemate not just a single column, the satellite, provides the average mono sound, this is the full acoustic system 2.0 format.

Portable acoustics has an excellent stereo sound of Dolby®, full portability, small size and quite interesting design. To connect the device anywhere and anytime. Will fit almost any standard 3.5 mm plug, it is also possible to connect the device via USB and Bluetooth. Also has support for NFC, if your devices are, of course, support this format. The kit includes bilateral wire with standard connector, which is quite convenient rests on the bottom of the device.

Plug though the laptop, though desktop computer, even a tablet, though the console, though the phone — everything is perfect. Any stream Jabra Solemate instantly perceives and starts playback. Fans of Hiking and velopokatushki will especially appreciate the rugged design, resistant to shock, splashes and dust. Despite its small size, the Jabra Solemate manages to give surprisingly high-quality sound. Phonics will appreciate the ability to manage calls and a microphone, which will help to answer them immediately. Powerful battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous playback of recordings and almost 60 days in standby mode. Full charge time is 2.5 hours. Jabra Solemate will allow its owner to not depend on outlets for some time, but the charge goes a long time.

Digital signal processing enhances the sound of the stream at an acceptable level. The playback volume is very high. Weight — 610 g speaker system with number of channels 2.0 has a rubber sole that provides reliable fixation on a solid surface. For audio playback is used by three speakers. Sound pressure level — 120 dB, the level of quality Hi-fi. The cost of the speakers Jabra Solemate — up to 6000 rubles. Color solutions varied: black, grey, yellow, green, red, blue and the like.

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