Portable Navigator Forerunner 310 XT

manygoodtips.com_21.08.2014_Ei7lmU2hzdXRAForerunner 310 XT, convenient and high quality gadget for Cycling, swimming or Jogging.

This waterproof device with a GPS receiver registers the data during training, and then transmits the information to the computer over a wireless communication channel. This multifunction device works up to 20 hours without replacement of batteries.

Modern gadget from Garmin, features the eponymous software and is able to record up to one hundred units of objects on the route.

The device measures the distance traveled and the travel time, estimated arrival time and Parking. You can also compare the maximum and minimum rate of motion or the difference between the speeds on the descent and ascent. The Navigator calculates the average speed on the entire path or on a specific part of the track, and audible alert warns of approaching the destination.


Forerunner 310 XT is compatible with a foot pod or Bicycle speed sensors. In the Navigator features Virtual Partner and Courses that will suit rider of the competition with a virtual opponent. In addition, there is a function Track-Back, which calculates and draws back.

The gadget is able to measure the frequency of the pulse and then compare this figure to the various sections of the route.

Monochrome LCD screen with a red ring with a diagonal, has a resolution of 160 x 100 pixels, and a backlight. The satellite carries thanks to the SiRF Star III with internal built-in antenna.


Stylish Waterproof case weighs 72 grams, that does not negate its strength and the possibility of use in all weather conditions.

Price of the device — from 14000 rubles.

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