Portable Boombox with projector

manygoodtips.com_12.02.2015_2LV6gMPtJ8upsSoon crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo will give the world another gadget that will be appreciated by fans of any cool hybrid multifunctional gizmos. At first glance, the new Boombox «Dashbon» looks like a combination of compact toaster and dynamics of «Sonos», but a more detailed study of the lucky owner will find two broadband speakers and a subwoofer, which deliver clear and powerful sound. On the back of the device is a widescreen projector with built-in led light, projecting a clear image that you can download from your phone or computer using Data cable or Bluetooth. For synchronization it uses a modern set of connectors/ports: HDMI, USB and Micro-USB.

The device is able to play any video or audio content either alone or simultaneously. But if while watching the video you call on the phone, you can easily put the device on pause by pressing the answer button and the loudspeaker, and return to listening to or viewing later. The manufacturer stated that the standard version portable Boombox projector is able to play per charge 4 hours to 28 hours of video or music. In the future the developers promise to improve the model and to double the period of two times.

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