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For starters, the news: we all get older. Not older — more Mature. We leave the last crazy party with a bunch of pizza and drinks and move into the future with Bank accounts, mortgages, and other joys of adulthood.

Time reckless spending are gone. Now our understanding of money has changed, and two thousand rubles ceased to be state — and so we begin to think about how to start collecting.

To collect. Sounds like an adult, that’s not the case and there is an adult. Let’s deal.

A quick result will not be

That’s a surprise! The word «savings» itself contains a hint for a length of time, and in our time, when everyone is focused on immediate result, is the problem. Not get you for a week to save enough money even for a month will not work. What to do with this amount, you will understand the process. Maybe it will be savings in case of sudden unemployment or maybe a down payment on an apartment.

Here the main thing not to go too far and live a normal human life. If you start to cut myself at all, to collect the money will be difficult and unpleasant. You will constantly tense and sad, that for some time nothing more can afford it. However, if you’re going to save money, not substantially changing their way of life, you won’t even notice that something in her has changed and the money flowed in a different direction.

People are always afraid that the money inexplicably goes out the window. Still, the best way to continue to live a usual life as long as possible, and then when you gain a fairly large amount, this way of life is possible in a known manner to improve.

We also want to live better, man. Today it is better to postpone for a good life tomorrow.

Be realistic

It is impossible to collect the money without having any connection to it. To save money, you need to start to earn a proper living. It is not necessary to rush to extremes and starve just for the sake of collecting. Get a job that lets you live without even thinking about how to start saving.

Before you roll your sleeves up and begin to actively collect, everything must be well weighed and considered in detail. Account — the thing is inexorable to pay for them have all.

At once it is necessary to concentrate on one thing. For example, for a start it is necessary to distribute debts. When you get rid of them, think about getting yourself this stabilization Fund. What is the point in cash for a substantial sum, if all you require of debt repayment?

It would be necessary to collect an amount twice the monthly income, put it in a Bank account and more it not to touch, as this will be your stash for a rainy day: you never, unemployment, health problems, unforeseen and unavoidable expenses. To collect such a sum, taking care not to cut, not so easy.

The whole difficulty here lies in willpower. If you’re able to accumulate a large sum and then keep her on a trip to a far country (although you can assemble it), then you’re already grown up enough.

It is important to realize that if we can afford it, this alone is not a sufficient reason to immediately throw away the money.

A couple of suggestions

All these recommendations for saving are usually bland and boring. We all had something to give: the crisis spares no one.

For example, you can ask yourself: what am I willing to pay other people not to do it yourself? When answering this question, you will find those things that you see is the pay, and everything else — what could be saved.

God forbid I start notation from the category «make coffee at home and take it in a thermos with you», «to boil water and carry it in the bottle to work,» «do not eat your lunch in a cafe», «conserve electricity and better use candles.» All this you able to come up with myself, here everything is very individual: one man’s savings is another man’s Indian giving.

If you like to buy coffee before work at the coffee shop on the corner, do not have to refuse it: what to do, it’s your ritual, it gives you a good mood, and the adherents of the principle of latte let him go. However, if you can safely withdraw from something else, do it.

For example, one of my friends told me that after one night in the pub will be 14000 rubles. That’s his business, but I’m so refuse to participate — though for a number of reasons, it’s not just about saving money. But it, too.


To do the first step is scary, but where do without him? Small steps count too.

No matter what we started to do with the money, which I would not climb, no matter what the amount nor opened before our eyes, the main thing is to remain calm. You can’t spend all the money in the blink of an eye for an expensive toy or a smart suit.

However, from time to time you can afford to show off. It is necessary to strike a balance: build of a Church mouse — a senseless idea, you will be unpleasant and uncomfortable, and then you will get used to screw, and it will become a habit, even when money will have accumulated.

Assembled easily, at least in theory. The key is know what are our means and more importantly what they’re not going. If you decided to save money on Internet speed, Hiking food, or something else, just remember: savings is a process. It is not necessary to immediately join the Spartans. The best way to save money is to postpone when I can, but otherwise carry on as usual.

What could be easier?

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