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On April fool’s day we do not take pranks on each other and kidding themselves over the past after all, start somewhere. And I must admit, abusing the history we are sometimes amazed how gracefully wrote our predecessors. In the era of the freelance each author had his own understanding of the concept of a men’s magazine and, therefore, to compare the current and old is like comparing an eagle and a dog. The authors had fun as they could. We’re just trying to keep the spirit of the old school. But the real masterpiece of that era is of course the name. So many «Chicks» was not even on poultry farms, and so much «bro» was not even in Harlem. We’re not trying to smear our literary ancestors, we just want to show you how to develop the magazine and how we at the time did nothing.

1. Zombification continues. Naked man in Pennsylvania roared like an animal, in parallel, trying to obladat woman’s face

It’s a masterpiece! This is the best name in the history of the Internet and journalism! «Express newspaper» and the newspaper «Life» with their crazy names suck nervously on the sidelines.

Our loyal viewers will remember that we published are fresh, and sometimes not very news. What happened on 18 September 2012, can be read by clicking on the link (although the name implies). However, reading the phrase: «He began to chatter and try to bite her, while uttering heart-rending cries,» see how much shit shoveled the authors find this news masterpiece. What are we, that the patriarchs were always trying to find news more original.

2. Females in the kitchen

Forefathers too close to heart perceive the concept of a men’s magazine. The spirit of «Bro» in those days was so bearded and muscular, masculinity gave every sign of punctuation. So no sexism, just a conceptual primitivism. And Yes, this is the time when images rather than words, when we were more like a photo album than a magazine.

Well, I want to see females in the kitchen?

3. Have ololololo, friend!

Better albert Novikov names nobody invented. Then, in 2012, the word «fag» was the wildest popular as oral sex at all times. But now the name seems senile nonsense man, who arrived in the year 2016 right with 2012. Nobody remembers «pysch-pysch, ololo», and it’s sad. But glad that no one remembers how early in his youth without knowing in which direction to develop, publish fashionable comics and memchiki. Not its production.

4. Bro, another collection of hot girls for you

Excellent article from one of the most popular authors in our magazine. We know how nice it is to write James Bolivar di GRIZ. But this article, her name has become a household name in our journal. Those six girls who were included in the collection are lovely, but even more beautiful name that has become synonymous with words such as stick, water and primitivism.

5. Crazy dude from Texas lynched a chair in his yard and told everyone (and Obama in particular) «Go to Hell»

Not even need to read the news or not? From the title.

6. Siri will not help you in finding the Chinese prostitutes, each

First «Bro» and «dudes» seemed cool feature, but then, with the arrival of editor and groping his way, knowing that I need to grow and to rely on the usefulness and interestingness of the text, rather than on a large number of images for manual warm-up, we knew it was time to grow up. But in the old days, when just built the first pyramid, the word «bro» was inserted where necessary, and where it is not necessary. But if in category «Heroes» in the title didn’t include the word «dude», the author publicly threw hard raisins. Legendary.

7. BU-go-GA pictures, check it out, dude

Well, what were we talking about, here too ubiquitous for sample of 2012 «dude». However, the most attractive in the title is, of course, «BU-go-GA». Just like «Three Dog find», «West coast», «Oh Gee Lok». Yo, chill the fuck, niggas! Although this is harmless fun selection of photos.

8. Dude, smoke faster new selection of photos. At this time, laughably ridiculous labels.

Again the magazine is more like a photo album, again «dude.» But on the other hand, was very touched by how the author experiences for the reader and is afraid that he will not read the masterpiece opus. So upset, she puts a period at the end of the header. Just then we had neither the editor nor proofreader.

9. How to avoid unpleasant odors in the kitchen or to get rid of the pop

Unique article is actually the origin of the rubric «life Hack». Brief, concise and austere (just like the man on the farm), the author describes the problem. And describe start right with the title, probably to compensate for the lack of pictures. But at that time the authors began to realize that the text is much more important.

And in all seriousness, the article is interesting.


And here’s another collection of legends «retro FM»… that is «retro» that stand out with your own headers and even content:

A world without men

Bro, you’re in luck. Fresh trololo.

Creative photo. Imagine, friend, no photoshop.

Chudesa balance school and fun from the real thing bro

Dude, I want the same car as James bond? Aston Martin DBS is waiting for you.

Is this guy really pours behind the President of America

Bro, did you know that even after a nuclear explosion the beer will be drinkable?

Staring and palyatsya

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