dancing to the music of the 80s

We tweaked something in the era of permanent waves, watery beer, similar to homosexuals men? ringing synths and cool fighters. And how to go dumb, we invite you on a journey through the musical shell of the glorious 80s. Without C. C. Catch and Alla, but with drive and atmosphere, like in Vice City. We understand in order to convey all the musical riches of the era, not enough of one article. So we were very selective. But if the article will be a lot of reposts, we will write the second part.

Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

As you know, the recording of this song on drums plays Phil Collins and a gorilla. In any case, in the advertising of chocolate Cadberry was so. Knowledgeable people say that if you watch this movie in a state of extreme obdolbannogo, you can see clearly. Honestly, the most brilliant advertising! Like the song. Collins left all the most tasty in this song at the end? But the first three minutes, is monotonous and monotonous, still kept in fascinated suspense. And then, the climax, fraction, Wade pancreas! After all, Collins was a great drummer in his younger years, and besides, he knew the most important secret for a musician – how to write a smash hit. And so, listening to Genesis, and then say to yourself: «Yes, I heard this song».

Toto – Africa

Zach Braff was namawala in the shower, this is the song. What we advise you. In this song, the whole «fat» music of the 80s. Then came a lot of adventure and Comedy movie about a tropical country, the hot edge was in Vogue. And this song is like the perfect picture of the then fashionable theme as the perfect soundtrack adventure sentiment. And the song is really gorgeous.

Ozzy Osbourne – Shot In The Dark

At that time all the heavy metal albums were made on one principle: some cheerful pop songs and one ballad. Ozzy the time were also doing commercial music, even though he was constantly stoned, and therefore probably did not realize what he’s doing.

At that time, he has released many hits, but Shoot in the dark stands out against the background. This is a very sad pop hard rock ballad with a very typical of the time motif and solo. But damn, is it some kind of magic. This is not a Game Srue with Twisted Sisters and Quiet Riot, there was more gloom and outrageous, and there’s more sincerity.

Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up

This immortal hit. Sample quality dance-pop (accent on the first syllable, the dancing priests we do not need). It would be so even without his viral fame. Year sings soul, so he has such a distinctive voice. It’s amazing how out of the ordinary love songs, this hit has become synonymous with calving. Thanks to the Internet for it. I hope in 30 years my grandchildren, trying to find you in social networks porn will stumble on this masterpiece. I hope they like it.

Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

Hard to describe this song. Undoubtedly only one thing – she’s wonderful. It has more feeling and emotion than in all of light erotica, which in former times was shown on «Ren-TV» after midnight. And another clip, which was directed by David Lynch. Like anything special, all that being said, simply but with taste…

Surprisingly, never in my life have not heard that someone called the Elegy «gay». Although such compositions are very often the glue so ugly labels. That says a lot.

Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me

In the 80s persecution was accompanied by this song. Already in the 90s it was replaced by the depressing grunge. Just reference sintipop, with a touch of R&B. It was performed by the funny «black man» under the pseudonym of Rockwell. Who is he, who knows not to know everything the program «Military secret», which talks about cruel and the American propaganda of aliens on «Ren-TV». But everyone knows a person whose voice sounds on the chorus is Michael Jackson. In 84 the year of the «king of pop» used on vocals. And maybe that’s why the chorus is the most delicious part of the whole composition, apart from the creaking typical of hip-hop synth.

Michael, by the way, sang it at his concerts. But we thought that the source also worthy of attention.

The Cure – Lullaby

It should be recalled that in the 80s everywhere sounded not only pornograficheskie monotonous pop music but also alternative rock. However, this concept was not attributed howling into the microphones of nezamedlila, and there are sad guys, as Cure. Any music it is necessary to dilute Cure.

In 89, the year Bob Smith was forced teenagers to suffer it for her. Quiet, soothing, a real lullaby with text that more closely resembles drugs coming. But who cares, because the song is beautiful, brand perfected «kurowski» the rhythm section, and soulful melody. This is not C. C. Catch.

The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Since I started on depression English-speaking adolescents, it is necessary to continue. In the queue VIA «Sori» at the head with their sweet-voiced Nightingale Morrissey. If you remember the song «Take me out carp» from the album «Fish of the Amur river», unfortunately, missing from the radar (as suddenly as it appeared), Oleg Easy, you probably know that it’s just sung the song «Take me out tonight», only the word «carp» inserted.

In his book Marilyn Manson wrote that «Smith» only listen to the queers. We immensely respect Merlin, but Merlin, you’re wrong. What’s the difference, the songs they have got.

Electroclub – You marry him do not go

Well, where do without the monstrous, senseless and merciless Russian Synthpop. Was in the country and are excellent examples of the kind of «Alliance», but Viktor Saltykov… is God. One of the songs that should not be put at weddings.

Alliance – At the dawn

The «Alliance» and the song deeper, and vocalist Igor Zhuravlev voice cleaner and more beautiful, however, the music is the same naive. But as you know, the strength of the Russian songs are not in music and lyrics.

Dire Straits – Money For Nothing

Enough gloom, more music. Queue Dire Straits – the real men’s team with this music and guitarist, one of the few on planet Earth who play exclusively with my fingers and it looks like instructress shaping. Mark nopflera (the same guitarist, and everything else and vocalist) always come out sharp social songs. This is no exception. One of the most famous guitar riffs in music history, and one of the best songs on the rotten vices of show business. «Money for nothing and Chicks for free» – that’s all the principles.

Queen – Princes Of The Universe

Many believe the king of pop Michael Jackson and Freddie mercury. There is nothing offensive. Throughout its history, the Queen worked with an eye on pop music. They were no less pop than Coldplay and Muse.

To choose any one song is very difficult. In this decade, «Queen» produced one hit after another. The 80s became the top for the team and for Freddy. Why choose Princess of the Universe. First, it is the soundtrack to one of the most iconic films of the last decade – to «Highlander», and secondly, the song is wonderful. Freddie tearing ligaments last time, and Brian may is Brian may. Whatever this man did with his guitar, and the result is a masterpiece.

Chris Rea — Josephine

What are the 80s without old Chris Rea, the man whose voice soaked in Bourbon and embroidered velvet. About that. he knows how to write hits we all know, it only remained to choose one that was written in the 80s. Josephine is perfect. Found version another arrangement, her Ri overwrite the already in the 90s, but this better reflects the spirit of the time. Slow, impeccable composition, careful, not arrogant soulful solos, and subtle rhythm section, as with a typical scene of city driving in any melodrama of the 80s. And keys. in the ‘ 80s did without them.

Great song, a stunning ballad for respectable citizens, who are our readers. It is believed that this is one of the best songs for riding around the city. However, sharing the experience, I can say that the contemplation of the city at night with a glass of something tasty and alcoholic in hand from a height of nine-this song cannot be compared to anything else.

A-ha — Hunting High And Low

Hey guys, catch portion of the old, time-tested Norwegian synth-pop mixed with new wave regular gaven ass! Many people think that A-ha music, enticing men, but if you’re in my head mozeleski seditious thoughts — it’s your problem. you should go to the doctor. But A-ha is a musical top, which can’t get any modern pop group. Not only that, their lead singer Morten Harket a range of 5 octaves (just think about it) so also the music is interesting. It envelops and takes to his lair, in an era where the higher the hair the man has, the better. It is one thing to have 5 octaves, and quite another to properly dispose of them. Fortunately, Harket Turned out. And while you’re listening to what we from the editor pull-on swollen feet skates, and rushing through the night to Oslo to pick up the Nordic models with their charm and music. under which they were conceived.

And while we roll, you hear it. So much fun.

Cocteau Twins – Persephone

And finally neglected, but was not the worse group Cocteau Twins. The first desire that arises after listening to their songs – hit Robin Guthrie and Elizabeth Fraser for what destroyed this team and under any pretext not want to do the reunion. Separately, they make a pretty miserable impression. By the way, Fraser sang the song the Yankees Dyagilevo «my Sorrow is light» along with Massive attak. Turned out neither fish nor fowl. Well, do not you understand the lyrics – do not touch.

But what they wrote in the 80s, defies description. Charming, almost unreal music. And absolutely all the songs are, even with such «nerve» like this. Definitely, this is one of the best songs in music history and the best in this ephemeral and strange genre, as the ethereal wave.

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