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manygoodtips.com_3.04.2014_oUmicpI3E12WDIn our new cognitive list is ravnopravnosti books and pseudoscientific. Here are only well-known names and the really good books. Journalism and more or less serious works, but not such that you can read when you want something reasonable, but not questionable and rather difficult to master. To improve your samoobrazovaniem, murder, obscurantism and dark ignorance decided to TOP quality non-fiction informative books that should appeal to everyone adequate dude, because, let’s be honest, they really are worth it. In the first place, what can I say, the books were selected on the basis of ease of reading, focus on a wide range of reader, modernity and monumentality. It is not the works of a lifetime, but just very high-quality books that have a lot to teach you, to give the opportunity to look at different topics from different angles and something for me to rethink. Last time we wrote about which are art books that nurture the right guidance in life. Now it’s time for journalism.



(A. sax) I really think this book is the next hi fashion contemporary literature, which is often quite pretentious with minimum content. I took this book in hand, not knowing what treasure was found. I didn’t read the annotation, but simply heard from a few friends the title of this book, downloaded and started to read. I don’t usually do, but this time did not regret it. «The man who mistook his wife for a hat» is not an art book. Absolutely. This is the story of medical practice rather famous neurologist and psychologist Oliver sacks, not the last man in the world of medicine. In the three parts of the book told the story of the people who are conducting an unequal battle with a very specific disease of the brain and nervous system. I must say that most people can not even imagine how difficult our human brain. Afflictions that people suffer, so strange, so obvious and so terrifying, that you unconsciously feel the chill across your back. There is very little medicinal terms, which is made by Sachs specially, it has a lot of experiences of patients who have found the strength to deal with a particularly odd problems. About Tourette syndrome about autism and the phantom pain you probably know, but the story of a man who took wife for a hat, and which gave the name to the whole book, really will surprise you. The book gives a vast field for thought, it is full of something light and very good, despite the fact that she’s frankly terrible. The most important message that remains from reading the books is the importance of the will. The man without willpower is not worthy to be called a personality, unlike people who have found the strength to fight when you didn’t feel your body and seeing the world made entirely of simple geometric shapes.



(Dawkins) the book of the famous atheist and biologist who discovered the theory of memes. When the book was on everyone’s lips, I was sure that it was another book, «tearing off the covers» in the spirit of a Nikonov. But I’m very sadly mistaken. This book seriously got a couple of people who sincerely believe in a higher power, to rethink their view of the world and become atheists. She’s not cruel, it is not rude, it is not insulting to believers. This is a book that sings the praises of science and asks the question: «is it really important to have faith?» «Do atheists angry miserable people with no sense of life, what they are trying to make believe?» And when you look at Dawkins, intelligent, smart, nice person with a good sense of humor and a sincere faith and love in science, it becomes clear that you can believe not only in a higher power, but in the idea. Dawkins examines all the basic tenets of the faith, the main arguments against evolution and against atheism. He does this very efficiently, proving himself to be quite clever and interesting person with broad views. The only drawback of the book — sometimes it is snug but quickly corrects this deficiency.

Of course, the book on popularity played the case of a man who committed suicide when I read this book and stopped believing in God. In his suicide note he said that he has now no meaning of life. But it’s not the fault of Dawkins and the problem with this guy. After the book is recommended to watch several programs Dawkins about prejudice, clericalism, and other problems of society. And, of course, read our article about it.



(E. Fromm) my First book is a wonderful psychologist and psychoanalyst Fromm, which is sort of a combination of his views and the book that you should read every person who wants to know what the General wrote Fromm. Of the trio of well-known psychoanalysts (Jung, Fromm and Freud) Erich Fromm also easy to read, nice and close to me in spirit. However, this does not mean that I agree with all his views. The book examines important aspects of human life and interestingly enough answers life’s greatest questions. And the answer is definitely not «42». The book convincingly explains why any Great hopes of mankind are doomed to failure, why the need for important changes in human society and individual, the distinction between «own» and «being» and the problem of consumption. The book reveals human psychological characteristics, the problems of authoritarian thinking and many important topics. It is very difficult to describe all the topics covered in the book, it just needs to be read.



(S. Hawking), Stephen Hawking is a man worth cheering. His passion for life and thirst for knowledge that surprises and delights. Most of all, of course, surprised by the fact that most people don’t want to be interested in anything but disabled physicist has a huge zest for life. You should be ashamed. This book is for those who have forgotten the school course of physics or never remembered. And for those who desperately loves physics…, in short, an exact science. And it seems like you that couldn’t come from nothing, but you pretty quickly realize that you really didn’t know anything about this wonderful world and its laws. You understand that in this world everything is logical, though chaotic, but the figure of the Creator is not needed: «Because there is a force like gravity, the universe could have created itself out of nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason why the universe exists, why we exist. There is no need for God to «ignite» the fire and force the Universe to work.» Curious the book I highly suggest, formulas there you will not find only quality and interesting text.



(D. Morris) We seriously think that man is the crown of creation, that he is perfect, and all that jazz. If you think so, you’re categorically wrong. Man — a being absolutely imperfect, with a bunch of leftovers from other animals, deficiencies from the eternal evolutionary stream. Desmond Morris, even his views are sometimes very old, shows that man is still an animal that, unlike animals, could overcome their selfish monkey-nature. The book you need to read in order to forever abandon the idea of man as a perfect being, and the crown of creation, which possesses INTELLIGENCE. We — naked, imperfect APE, which paid for his huge brain many challenges: the difficulty of child birth, weak in comparison with the animals muscles and strength. However, some sections, for example, about sexuality still should not be taken for granted — the views of Morris is obsolete, and if you want to read something about ethology, go to the newcomer.

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