against female hairy

Feminists are completely insane. Continue to advocate the natural beauty of women. First, they advocated a minimum of makeup, natural skin color is tan and natural hair without styling. Many women gladly appreciated such innovations, enjoying the beauty of minimalism. How to react to this guys? Well, it is easier to identify the potential of madmuazele after morning awakening.

However, the younger generation of feminists want more: a complete neglect of glossy standards of beauty. The first brick in the Foundation of new canons of female attractiveness, in their opinion, should be the failure of the fair sex from hair removal. Legs, underarms, and the parts of the body that people do not show will remain in its original form. The worst thing is that some of the popular ladies in full support of this idea.



A small excursion into history. Clearly, your CRO-magnon hell knows how many times great-grandmother hasn’t shaved anything since CHP was not there, and the heat very much. Hair provided some heat. But restless ancient Egyptians began to cut themselves of unwanted hair, since in Egyptian society it was considered improper to wear a hair anywhere except his head. Queen Nefertiti and Cleopatra are elevated at the rank required.

The procedure was extremely painful, was carried out without proper moisturizing and softening. The hair is scraped by some sharp object, even a stone or a shell – in the course went all! After all, smooth skin was considered a symbol of beauty, youth and innocence. It was only then invented sticky mixture of wax, honey and various herbal infusions (invention belongs to Nefertiti, and Cleopatra was the first to use wax strips!) the current prototype of the method of «sugaring».

The ancient Greeks were cheering the idea. They lady with hairy legs was considered a barbarian. In addition, any decent ancient Greek disdain to enter into the abundantly overgrown twat. Pay attention to the Wiener of the ancient Greek statues polished to perfection, not a single hair. Where the Greeks and Romans. But they were smarter: went to the baths and there ruthlessly get rid of hair, because I realized that with steaming the skin hair better leave. The Greeks, Romans and Hindus used not only humane wax and sugar paste, but just washed hair with a pumice stone, scrape with a sharp shell, remove the hair with the tongs from sea shells and experimented with depilatory compounds on the alkaline basis. But in the middle East, the hair is removed by using thread, which was very humane in comparison with the Indo-European way. East – a delicate matter, and the removal of underarm hair, was considered and religious ritual – a Testament not only physical but spiritual purity, which kept both men and women. Recommendations to depilate armpits issued in the seventh century by the prophet Muhammad.

In the dark and pious middle ages, the hair is never removed. And why, when the visible parts of the body are closed, godly garments. But in the early XX century ladies took up cutting implements, as fashion began to enter the open dress.

In 1915 Harper’s Bazaar was published first advertising campaign, which urged contemporaries to remove hair from the armpits, to then boldly flaunt a dress with open shoulders, which became affordable to the mass buyer. In the same year, Gillette launched the first razor for women, and finally doomed the next generation on a regular hair removal. And when in 40-ies appeared first bikini, it became clear that sooner or later, whether you like it, pet or not, and have to shave.

Finally, the fashion for smooth legs and armpits strengthened in the 1960s. the hippie-Era, rock-n-roll, good music, mini-skirts and sleeveless blouses. Someone like the lady, under the armpits the beard of Mikhail Shufutinsky? Anyone. That had the unfortunate scrape delicate skin. Although the same hippie, swallowing his «philosophy» denies the human role and urged to keep the hair in the original amount and nothing to shave. Unlikely it’s one of the reasons why no hippie commune never came to success, but the subtle nuances also affect global issues.

Most interesting is that one of the symbols of the 70s along with cocaine, dead rock stars and prog-rock has become a dense forest in the intimate area.

Bad example


The end of the century it was so used to being in a nice, modern ladies all visible places (except the Chairman) must be smooth, in 1999 when Julia Roberts flashed axillary cooch cute at the premiere of the Comedy «Notting hill», the public was almost skandalisierung. It looked already quite unusual, inappropriate and not hygienic. «This is necessary so not to respect the community!» – said one. «So it’s necessary to let it go!» – echoed the other. «This is what a bambucha in her pants!» – suddenly voices came third.

But Julia wasn’t the only one of its kind. Last year its ugly redhead the twat showed order took out a fancy singer Madonna. And the bad thing is not tricky, therefore, unable to think of anything new, describing the gesture of the Madonna as a «green light to the hair naturalness» example was followed by Miley Cyrus, actress Lena Dunham and Jemima kirk, they also began to go out with neetilirovannogo arm-pits. Dunham said that the growing hair under the arms – one of the items in preparation for the summer. And kirk in his Twitter complained that she’s tired of arguing, good or bad to be hairy, and accompanied the post with a picture of a young Sophia Loren with unshaven armpits. … The argument is True, the photo was taken when shaving troughs are not in Vogue. And Sophia Loren, the whole world fell in love with not the natural look of the armpits and for the talent and beauty in other places. Through these sites on armpit watch it once.

In Russia, shaving legs and underarms came into use much later than in the West. If you’re smart, you know why, it makes no sense to talk about the iron curtain and others, including cultural barriers. But now, when seemingly everyone realized that the hair on the paws – that’s not cool, Russian stars started setting a bad example by appearing with unshaven legs. I’ll give you the names of sati Casanova, and Natalia Vodianova. You probably heard them. Now, they and many others without shame wear the hair wherever possible. So no wonder the stars always set a bad example. Whatever they do becomes a trend. Even such delicate issues.

Today the situation escalated. Feminists (God bless their souls) are encouraged to consider both the gender side of the issue of hair removal and remind you that visual «courage» representatives of a strong half of mankind are often taken to assess the degree of their hairiness. This, in their opinion, extremely inconvenient for those men who still prefer to shave their armpit and, for example, the chest of his own aesthetic or hygienic reasons. The question arises: why do you, the citizens feminists have forgotten that shaving is not only for beauty, but also because it’s hygienic? Pete does not dry on long hair, releasing the stench and is a breeding ground for bacteria! As for men… Men, am I not right, if life courage determined not by the hair on armpits, hair on chest and arms? Armpit and Hugh Jackman was not ashamed to shave. So a small mistake, fellow feminists. Although normal masculinity is determined by actions, not for the «gifts of nature».

The struggle in all parts of the world


But let’s talk about the origins of the problem. All evil has come to us from the East. In Chinese social network Weibo wearer publish your pictures with furry axillary cavities. They were inspired by a local young feminists Xiao’malley. Having read Simone de Beauvoir and other «corrupting Western fuck», she decided that the fashion for smooth skin in all the places was imposed on the poor Chinese the wily Europeans. As in our country, about the excess hair the Chinese think 20 years ago that, in the opinion of the ally of hair, is fundamentally wrong and contrary to the traditional Chinese principles. But I could have tested myself on the sidelines, so no, in his microblog she had a contest for podeschi, in protest against how media and advertising are forcing Chinese women always worry about their underwear vegetation. The post with the contest earned 1.7 million likes.

Such heresy do and Western women, turning the hotbed of many attempts by women to be sexier – Instagram – a bulwark against the traditional standards of beauty. And that’s why hundreds of women around the world post photos marked with the hashtag #dyedpits. Ladies painted in bright colors the hair in the armpits, as if saying: «I’s hairier you! I fight for nature! So love me, man!» It got to the point that in Seattle provide services for professional painting armpit hair in bright colors. There are even instructions on how to do it at home for those who for some reason cannot turn to the professionals.

Okay, sorry dev who suffer from excessive hair growth, because it pushes them to do stupid things. As, for example, a student at Liverpool University yasmin Gasimova. 19-year-old girl with onset of puberty suffered from dense vegetation on the body, for which she was teased at school. After a few years of waxing, she decided to give up and at the moment removes hair on the legs, only when going on holiday or out overnight. The vegetation on the belly, armpits and face, she almost left alone, removing from case to case, whenever you want.

What we remember this everyday, completely uninteresting story? And what Gasimova, it is not difficult to guess, is also fighting for world peace and hair on all parts of the body. Mrs. Gasimova famous throughout the world thanks to an article published in the famous newspaper The Tab, called «It’s not scary to be hairy». In the attached article photos lady with a special passion kisses your hairy legs.

What is man?


The main disease of feminism that they can’t stop. Fight first for equality, but in the end men in some civilized countries whine about the fact that work was hard to find, because he started a real discrimination of the strong sex. What’s next? Women weighing less than 90 kg – miserable and don’t want to be natural? Though something similar has happened. Then maybe to stop showering? After all, in a time when women didn’t have to get rid of excess hair, people almost do not observe hygiene.

Among the many lesbian feminists, maybe they are nice to share a bed with a furry partner? Maybe male stereotypes work, and with the hairy lady feel more secure? Or maybe just one hair – and he dominates. They are unlikely, of course, solve their intimate problems rather justify years unshaven parts of the body.

From the point of view of hygiene, shaving armpits seems logical because, as mentioned earlier, hair accumulate Pete. But some argue that a shaved armpit may create more problems as most of these hair create a so-called middleware, which does not allow armpit sticking. But God bless him, with health, will discuss the main aesthetic component of the issue. Most men don’t like provocatively bristling in the fresh air of kusiri on his feet. Well, if everyone wore dresses to the floor, but you walk in revealing clothes and poke their cooch with advertising posters. It’s frustrating to say the least. Normal ladies tend to beauty. Hairy tibia has never been considered beautiful.

In the end, the smoothness of the female body creates the difference between male and female flesh. But if it will not, the fact that men shave their legs and chest? There must be some difference!

In fact, this call was very surprised. It is clear that normal ladies will not go to him, but how many fools and fools on earth? Among his friends are happy to meet approval for the hair the main places even for those who are by nature attracted to the dense vegetation. Main argument: «It’s disgusting!» Here we support is disgusting.

To shave or not to shave intimate places – it’s a private matter, sometimes partners. But in visible places for the benefit of society should be. We understand the discomfort that takes shaving & hair removal millions of women with abundant hairiness, but if I stop watching you: weight, hair, health, behavior, society will return to medieval darkness. And if the girls hope that men will cease to put appearance above human qualities, it is all nonsense. And in the end, meet on clothes.

Beautiful lady is best able to force the man to take up the mind. And in the case of stubble all the men together decide to grow a beer belly, do not cut your nails and not shaving, growing a ridiculous long fluff as priests. Therefore, it is better not to provoke each other to transform into monsters and with tears in his eyes, cursing feminists, to remember, masturbating to the old fashion magazines, what beautiful people ten years ago. Of course, this is all exaggerated and brought to the absurd. Well, how else, if you are already feminists argue, why can’t we?

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