3 years!

Ladies and gentlemen, and more recently, more and ladies!

We are pleased to inform You that today megaloblastny highly cultured socially critical and provocative-a cozy log celebrates not the anniversary, but a very important date. Then, on 13 October 2012, when the world still thought we were fooled Maya, or the world really will be covered kazdoy, then an obscure God online space. Y. S. has created what exactly is in this moment taking your precious time. Almighty V. U. S. decided that the world needed another men’s magazine. Not for money but for the soul, because we are not selfish, work for and crackers. And he called it «Bratanova». Because it is a magazine for Bratrouchov written in Bratkovskoe manner. Well, not without the influence of «the Big Lebowski», after all, the monk Dude is the patron Saint of our magazine.

The assistance of V. Y. S. came Mithun Chakraborty, who still edits the us, and the work began. Said. Y. S.: «So it will be interesting to everyone found in it something useful, interesting and fun, and to write there all sorts of guys your questions!» and it was so.

And now, looking back, remembering the days when we dreamt about at least a shred of glory «FURFUR» and «metropolis», we can confidently say that in 3 years friendly team did a Titanic work. Not suffering from employee turnover, we have come a long way from writing articles with the headline «IS THIS MAN REALLY MOLDS TO the BACK of the PRESIDENT of AMERICA?» and «BRO, a PORTION of HOT CHICKS ESPECIALLY FOR YOU» to the serious, overly critical and cultural topics. Although it is thanks to this style, thanks to the abundance of word-parasites like «Bro» and the like, we’re somebody now. Someone longs for the old and we are struggling to invest in each article at least a little of the former crony madness.

With spicy portal, publishes sports and world news, photos graceful maidens and another delight for the eyes, we have turned to the Internet-the magazine, is able to create their own content, write articles with a clean sheet on current topics. We even began to make high-quality, excite schizophrenia pictures to articles! Yeah, not so smooth, with some opinion can not agree, sometimes in the publication published an article with ridiculous errors, but it only adds to their vividness, naturalness. No? Not ride this excuse?

And here now online 8000 articles we read an average of 400 000 people. Not as much as in Playboy, but more than the newspaper «Priazovsky steppe». But we always looked up to this recycled masterpiece.

We received 12,000 letters!!! 12 000!!! It’s more than fans of Egor creed (if you take any particular city)! And we will try to answer all questions, and not only under the heading «Community». Ask everything that interests you.

We are a small magazine from Krasnodar, while reading mostly from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod. On the one hand, we appreciate the fact that we were able to move beyond the native region. On the other, it hurts us that in his hometown, we have not become iconic. The cult is nothing left.

For all these achievements I would like to thank everyone who works on this magazine: our designer, who added the graceful proportion of drug abuse in our articles, our corrector, which forces us to rewrite sentences for suggestions, our marketing experts that make us a little richer and happier, our handyman, and part-time programmer, this work has become much more comfortable, our authors, and thanks to that create this magic and our leader editor and the Creator which run by absolutely all the little things and wasting your nerves from the very first day of existence of the magazine.

I would also like to thank all those who have ever, even for a short time, became a member friendly «» family, and old authors, for which many are nostalgic. There were many, each of them had its own, unique style, and they all made a huge contribution to the transformation of our magazine from ugly duckling to a bearded Drake.

We are not bigots, we’re not trying to lick you all the grooves, but first and foremost I want to thank you – Yes, you – for every read line, for each comment, even disappointing, because criticism disciplinarum. However, have to comment a little more. And repost often – for us it will be the best gratitude. The more people we will read, the more interesting we are going to write. Anyway, remember that any self-respecting journal of what works for the reader. And we work for you! And even now, all of our editors are not drunk, but working on tomorrow’s articles.

So, we’re not as tight as some of our competitors, but day after day we rise from his knees. There is an opinion that we rise even faster than our homeland, but not as fast as the song Timati becoming popular in cattle. However, all ahead. For as the ancients said: « We write articles beard, and we have the most beautiful female fans. Our chief editor is a former pianist with the whaling ship, and our monthly audience is more than the entire population of Iceland».

Meantime, thank you for staying with us, dear reader! Next will be more interesting. We will continue to try to justify you have given us, the reader, the honorary title of «the useful magazine» and respond to each, albeit repetitive, even given to you 335 times on the issue of relationships and not only. We unbreakable, like Duncan Macleod, we will not be intimidated even Rospotrebnadzorom. Be with us, it only gets more interesting. And this is only the beginning!

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