Popular scientific books: expanding horizons

Dude, how is your summer? Visited in a warmer climate? Took a break for my best friend’s wedding? Visited my grandmother in the village? Even if everything you have planned has not happened yet, don’t despair – half of the summer ahead! And to slightly brighten your expectation, we publish another interesting selection of reading matter. After reading these books, you’d take another look at familiar things and might want to change something in my life (for the better, of course). manygoodtips.com guarantees. Let’s do this!

1. Robert Hazen’s «History Of The Earth. From Stardust to living planet»

Work.com.ua_15.07.2015_u4xjlojepGWVpLet’s start with the monumental. Many scientists spend 200 percent of the time and effort to the study of the universe. Even in the neighborhood men every night going in the garage, periodically, there are questions such as: «Where did we come from? Where are we going?» «History of Earth» – a kind of time machine in hardcover, which will help you to learn a lot about our young planet. Professor Robert Hazen has for many years been a well-known popularizer of science, and his work emphasizes this. Next time you hear the infamous: «Stop the Earth, I come» – will be able to explain to the interlocutor why you should stay here.

The fact that boredom is invoked rather our boundless ignorance than natural stupidity. The boring billion in the Earth’s history can be likened to the period of human civilization, which is called the Dark ages, or early middle Ages – a rather dynamic time of great change and experimentation, relentless and irreversible changes that opened the way to the modern world, but never are completely ignored by scientists.

2. Tal Ben-Shahar «What will you choose?»

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2015_cUxjb5SArYjgGFor some people the process of selecting not just a difficult task, and a real meal. But what if you can treat this as an opportunity? Every day we make choices hundreds of times from eating dinner to move to another country. And even the most seemingly insignificant decisions can lead to global consequences. Dude, one thing is for sure: if you choose this book, you will not regret. Its content can be called easy and interesting, each small head is a valuable tip that gives you the right choice. Read to the end, probably caught yourself thinking: «Now I know what to do,» and wants to give «What will you choose?» to a loved one.

Each of us has our true best self. It can hide in the depths of some difficult events, to go underground due to the fact that someone once hurt, but no matter what, our best part hasn’t gone anywhere, at any time, you can find and bring to light.

3. Jonathan Smith, «Pseudoscience and the paranormal»

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2015_pAtW5mvjpXGBkHow many «pricewatch» people we meet on life’s journey? Healers, seers, participants battle of psychics and those who strongly believes in everything supernatural. Of course, sometimes happen in life are just unexplainable and mysterious things, but not all of them can be called paranormal. The book of Jonathan Smith will help you to filter tasteless «ducks» in the media and find what can be safely attributed to the category «truth is out there» (we are so waiting for the new series «Secret materials»!).

Anyone who tried to refute various anti-scientific inventions, had to feel like a woodpecker who has been pecking the same.

4. Daniel Siegel, «Mindsight»

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2015_KpdjVSLWT0P0XPerhaps the most challenging book of the collection. She talks about very serious things: brains, his work and the importance of consciousness. Daniel Siegel – doctor of medical Sciences, introduces a large number of terms and facts obtained as a result of various studies. Some impressive things the author shows, using stories of real people with his 25 years of practice. If is important to you and how working together the left and right hemispheres of the brain (the distinctions you recognize from the book), feel free to start reading. Warning: during the process of obtaining new knowledge you can hear a strange sound is your smart! And it’s great.

The ability to understand what your own mind and feel inner peace other – a unique talent, available only to the person that fuels your healthy mind and healthy soul.

5. Robert Fritz, «the Path of least resistance»

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2015_asNM7mH7k1t4TThis book is suitable for artists, and for those who really wants to be a creative person», but does not know where to start. As Picasso said, all children are born artists. Another thing is that not everyone turns to develop their skills. Find the area, in which you can be an «artist» is very difficult. It is even more difficult to make mistakes, to admit mistakes, accept criticism and move forward. «The path of least resistance» teaches you how to not be afraid of responsibility and don’t give up if something goes wrong. Robert Fritz literally dispels the stereotypes, formed in society, and reveals the essence of the creative process.

The creative process is a living process. Improvisation. This ceremony, and the style of life and enjoyment, and flour. Photography is such a powerful experience, which seems to be little that is capable of bestow.

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